What to Expect During a PET Scan in Chandigarh

What's a PET Scan?

A PET scan is a special camera that doctors use to see inside your body!


Before your scan, you might need to wear a hospital gown and remove any metal objects.

Eating and Drinking

You'll need to avoid eating for a few hours before the scan. You can drink water.


You get a safe, special dye in a tiny shot that helps the camera see inside you.

The PET scan machine is like a big donut. You lie on a bed that moves slowly through it.

Inside the Scanner

While inside, you need to stay very still and just relax. It's not loud or scary.

During the Scan

How Long?

The scan usually takes about 30 to 45 minutes.

Is It Safe?

Yes, PET scans are safe! The dye and the scanning are harmless.

Once the scan is over, you can go back to eating normally and doing your usual activities.