What to Know About Lipstick and MRI Procedures

What is an MRI?

An MRI machine helps doctors see inside your body without surgery using a big magnet!

Why No Metal?

MRI's big magnet can pull metal. That's why we avoid metals near the machine.

Lipstick and Metals

Some lipsticks have tiny metal particles that make them shiny and colorful.

Metal in Lipstick?

Yes! Metals like titanium or iron can be in lipsticks for better color.

These metals can react to the MRI's magnet, which isn't safe.

Why it Matters

Doctors will ask you to remove any makeup, including lipstick.

Before the Scan

Safe Scanning

Without lipstick, you can have a safer MRI scan.

What Else to Remove?

Also take off jewelry, glasses, and belts before an MRI.

Remember, no lipstick for MRI scans! Keep safe and help doctors get the best images.