What to Wear During an MRI Scan

Soft and Comfy

Choose clothes that are soft and have no metal, like a cotton t-shirt.

No Zippers!

Avoid clothes with zippers because metal and MRI machines don't mix.

Elastic is Fantastic

Wear pants or shorts with an elastic waistband for comfort.

Leave Jewelry Home

Necklaces and bracelets stay home today. We don’t need them for the scan!

Keep your toes cozy! Wear socks, but make sure they have no metal threads.

Socks Rock

If you have long hair, tie it with a soft band, not metal clips.

Hair Care

Glasses Off

Don’t forget to remove your glasses before the scan.

Special Gown Offer

Sometimes, you’ll get a hospital gown to wear. It’s super easy and safe!

A quick pat-down to make sure there's no metal on you.