What's a CT Scan With Contrast Like?

CT Scans Help Doctors

CT scans are like super cameras that take pictures of the inside of your body to help doctors see what's going on.

What's Contrast?

Sometimes, doctors use a special dye called contrast to help the pictures show more details.

Getting Ready for the Scan

Before the scan, a nurse might put a small tube, called an IV, into your arm to give you the contrast dye.

How Does It Feel?

You might feel a little cool or tingly when the contrast goes into your body.

Just like a regular CT scan, you need to lie very still while the machine takes pictures.

Staying Still

The machine moves around you, taking pictures from different angles.

What Happens During the Scan?

No Need to Worry

Even though it might feel a bit strange, the scan itself is painless and safe.

Why Use Contrast?

Contrast helps doctors see certain parts of your body more clearly, like blood vessels or organs.

After the scan, you can go back to your regular activities. The contrast dye will leave your body naturally.