What's So Special About Hospital Scans?

What Are Scans?

Ever wondered how doctors look inside your body? That's what scans are for!

Types of Scans

There are different types like X-ray, MRI, and CT scan. Each one has a special job!

X-ray Magic

X-rays are like super cameras that can see your bones!

MRI Adventure

MRI is a giant magnet that can take pictures of muscles and your brain.

A CT scan spins around you and takes lots of pictures to see everything clearly.

CT Scan Power

Scans help doctors find out if there’s anything wrong and how to fix it.

Why Do We Need Them?

Before a Scan

Sometimes, you might need to drink a special liquid or wear a cool hospital gown!

During the Scan

You have to stay very still so the pictures come out great.

Is It Loud?

MRI machines make loud noises, but it’s just the sound of the machine working.

Scans are safe! Doctors make sure it’s all okay for you.