Which patients Cannot undergo MRI?

What Is an MRI?

MRI stands for Magnetic Resonance Imaging. It's a special camera that doctors use to look inside your body without surgery!

The Power of Magnets

MRI machines use very strong magnets. That's why they can see inside you just like superheroes with x-ray vision!

Metal is a No-No

Because MRI uses magnets, anything metal can be dangerous near the machine. If you have metal inside your body, you might not be able to get an MRI.

People with pacemakers (a small device to help the heart beat correctly) usually cannot have an MRI because the magnets can interfere with it.

Pacemakers and MRI

If you've ever had surgery that left metal pins or screws in your body, you might need a different type of scan, not an MRI.

Metal Pins or Screws

Tattoos Matter Too

Some tattoos have metal in the ink. These can get hot during an MRI, so it's important to tell your doctor about them!


Feeling scared in tight spaces? MRI machines are a bit like tunnels, and that can be uncomfortable for some.

Kidney Health Checks

Before an MRI, doctors check if your kidneys are healthy because the dye used in some MRI tests can affect them.

Recent Operations

If you just had surgery, your doctor might wait a bit before doing an MRI to make sure you're ready.

Pregnancy Precautions

Doctors often avoid using MRI scans with certain dyes on pregnant women, especially during the first trimester.

Kids can have MRIs, but they need to stay very still which can be tough. Sometimes, doctors use safe medication to help them relax.