What is an MRI Machines?

learn all about MRI machines and how they work their magic to help doctors see inside our bodies.

Magnets at Work

Discover the powerful magnets hidden inside MRI machines and how they play a crucial role in capturing special images.

The Strength of Super Magnets

Explore the incredible strength of MRI magnets and how they pull tiny particles in our bodies to create detailed pictures.

Pain-Free Imaging

 MRI is a painless experience that simply requires lying still while the machine does its job.

Prepare for your MRI journey by learning about the precautions you need to take before entering the machine.

Getting Ready for an MRI

Make sure to remove all metal objects from your body, including jewelry, piercings, and clothing with metal zippers or buttons.

Leave Metal Behind

Inform the Staff

Tell the MRI staff if you have any metal implants or medical devices, such as pacemakers or metal plates, as they may affect the MRI process.

Follow Instructions

Listen carefully to the MRI technologist's instructions and follow them closely to ensure a safe and successful scan.

With these precautions in mind, you're set for a safe and successful MRI experience.