Why Do You Have to Drink Lots of Water Before Some Scans?

What's a Scan?

A scan is a special way doctors use to look inside our bodies, just like superheroes with x-ray vision!

Types of Scans

There are different types like MRI, CT scans, and ultrasounds. Each one has a special job!

The Power of Water

Drinking water helps make the inside of our bodies clear and easier for doctors to see.

A Clear Picture

When you drink water, it fills up your organs like a water balloon, making them easier to check.

The water helps show things in your body better, so the doctors can find out what’s going on.

Why So Much Water?

Doctors often ask you to drink water an hour before the scan. This timing is important!

Before the Scan

Holding It In!

Yep, you might need to hold your pee until after the scan. It helps keep the picture clear!

Not All Scans

Remember, not every scan needs you to drink water. It depends on what part of the body is being checked.

Always listen to what your doctor tells you. They know the best way to get a good scan!