Why Do You Need a Special Bracelet for an MRI?

The MRI Machine

An MRI machine is a big, powerful magnet that takes pictures of the inside of your body.

Safety First

MRI machines are very strong, so it's important to remove anything metal before going inside.

Metal Can Be Dangerous

Metal objects, like jewelry or zippers, can be pulled by the magnet and cause harm.

Special Bracelets

Special bracelets are made of non-metal materials, like cloth or plastic, so they're safe to wear during an MRI.

Bracelets can have important information, like your name, that helps the MRI staff take good care of you.

Why Wear a Bracelet?

The bracelet helps the MRI staff make sure you're safe and comfortable during the scan.

Keeping Track of You

No Need to Worry

Wearing a special bracelet is just one way to make sure your MRI experience goes smoothly and safely.

Other Precautions

You'll also be asked to remove other metal items, like belts or hairpins, before going into the MRI room.

By following the rules and wearing the special bracelet, you're helping the MRI staff take good care of you.