Why Does Soap Kill Germs?

What Are Germs?

Germs are tiny organisms that can make us sick. They are everywhere!

The Power of Soap

Soap is a superhero for our health, battling germs that lurk on our hands and bodies!

Soap’s Secret Weapon

Soap molecules have special parts that trap germs from surfaces like our skin.

When you rub soap on your hands, it grabs germs and dirt and mixes with water.

How Soap Works

Scrubbing with soap creates suds. These suds capture germs and wash them away with water.

The Scrubbing Effect

Soap and Water

Water alone helps, but soap makes water way more effective at removing germs.

Breaking Germs Down

Soap breaks the germs' defenses and leaves them harmless. It’s like popping a balloon!

Rinsing Away

After soap captures the germs, rinsing your hands washes them all away down the drain.

Soap is usually better at cleaning your hands, but sanitizers are good when there’s no soap.