Why Does the Doctor Ask So Many Questions Before a Scan?

Getting Ready for a Scan

Before you have a scan, the doctor might ask you lots of questions about your health.

Understanding Your Health

The doctor wants to make sure they know everything about you to keep you safe during the scan.

Allergies and Medicines

They'll ask if you have any allergies or if you take any medicines regularly.

Metal in Your Body

They'll also ask if you have any metal in your body, like braces or implants.

If you're a girl, they might ask if there's a chance you could be pregnant.


Answering these questions helps the doctor plan the scan to make sure it's safe and effective for you.

Why It's Important

Avoiding Problems

If the doctor knows about any health issues or metal in your body, they can take steps to avoid problems during the scan.

Being Honest

It's important to be honest and tell the doctor everything, even if it feels embarrassing or scary.

The doctor's questions are all about making sure you stay safe and healthy during the scan.