Why Don't MRIs Hurt?

The Mystery of MRIs

MRIs are big machines that take pictures of the inside of your body, but they don't hurt at all!

Super Strong Magnets

MRIs use super strong magnets to take pictures, but you can't feel them.

No Needles or Pain

Unlike some medical tests, MRIs don't use needles or cause any pain.

Loud Noises

MRIs do make loud noises, but they don't hurt you—they're just the magnets working.

The hardest part of an MRI is staying still during the scan, but it's important for clear pictures.

Staying Still

MRIs are safe and painless, so you don't need to worry about getting one!

Safe and Painless

Different Types of MRIs

There are different types of MRIs for different parts of your body, like your brain or your bones.

Listening to Music

Some MRIs let you listen to music while you're inside to help you relax.

Remember, MRIs might seem scary, but they're actually pretty cool and totally painless!