Why Glasses Shouldn't Be Worn During an MRI

Magnetic Interference

Metal in glasses can interfere with the MRI's magnetic field, causing distorted images.

Safety First

Metal frames can become dangerous projectiles due to the powerful magnetic field in the MRI machine.

Accurate Results

Removing glasses ensures clear and accurate MRI results without any artifacts.

Non-Metal Frames

Even non-metal frames can have hidden metal parts, so it's best to remove all types of glasses.

Lying still without glasses can be more comfortable, reducing the need for movement during the scan.

Comfort During Scan

If you need vision correction, consider wearing contact lenses during the MRI.

Alternative Vision Aids

Pre-Scan Instructions

Always follow pre-scan instructions provided by your healthcare provider regarding glasses and other accessories.

Secure Storage

Bring a secure case to store your glasses safely while you're in the MRI room.

 Stay informed about MRI procedures and safety measures to ensure a smooth experience.