Why Is Hand Washing Important Before Eating?

Germs are Everywhere

Germs are tiny, but they're all around us—on things we touch every day!

What Happens If You Don't Wash?

Not washing hands can spread germs that make us sick.

Before Eating

Especially before eating, it's super important to wash hands to remove those invisible germs.

Wet, lather, scrub (for 20 seconds), rinse, and dry. That’s the best way to clean your hands!

Right Way to Wash Hands

If there’s no soap, use hand sanitizer until you can wash them properly.

What If Soap Isn't There?

Mealtime Reminder

Always remember to pause and wash your hands before you start your meal.

Stay Healthy Tip

Clean hands help you stay healthy and keep your friends and family safe too!

Always washing your hands before eating = fewer germs and less sickness.