Why Is It Important to Stay Still During an MRI?

What is an MRI?

An MRI machine is like a giant camera that doctors use to look inside your body without surgery!

How Does an MRI Work?

It uses a big magnet and radio waves to take pictures of your insides.

The Power of Magnets

The magnet in an MRI is super strong and helps get clear pictures.

Why Stay Still?

Moving can blur the pictures, just like when you move your phone camera while taking a photo.

Clear pictures let doctors see exactly what's going on and help you stay healthy.

Clear Pictures Help Doctors

Pretend you're a statue in a park. Statues are great at staying still!

Imagine You're a Statue

What Happens if You Move?

If you wiggle, the MRI might have to be redone, meaning more time in the machine.

Tips to Stay Still

Close your eyes and think of your favorite place or imagine you're on a space adventure!

An MRI usually takes only a little while. You can do it!