Why Is It So Important to Lie Still in the MRI Machine?

The MRI Adventure Begins

Going into the MRI machine is like going on a special adventure to take pictures of your body.

The Big Magnet

The MRI machine has a big magnet that needs you to stay super still to take clear pictures.

Picture Time

Just like when you take a photo, moving during the MRI can make the picture blurry.

Be a Statue

Pretend you're a statue or a superhero frozen in place to get the best pictures.

The MRI machine makes loud noises while it's working, but don't worry—they're just the magnets doing their job.

Loud Noises

If the noises are too loud, you can close your eyes and imagine yourself in a peaceful place.

Close Your Eyes

Stay Calm

Take deep breaths and think happy thoughts to help you stay calm and still.

Helping the Doctors

Staying still helps the doctors see inside your body and find out what's going on.

You're like a superhero helping the doctors by staying still and brave during the MRI.