Why Is MRI Machine Called a Giant Magnet?

What's an MRI?

MRI stands for Magnetic Resonance Imaging. It's a special camera used by doctors.

Inside View

Inside an MRI machine is a huge magnet. It's like a super-powered magnet.

Magnetic Power

This giant magnet is very strong. It can move heavy metal objects from far away!

Why So Strong?

The strong magnet helps the MRI machine see inside your body without surgery.

With this magnet, doctors can look at your muscles, bones, and even your brain!

What It Sees

The magnet and a computer work together to make pictures of the inside of your body.

Magic Pictures

No X-rays Needed

Unlike X-rays, MRI uses magnetic fields and radio waves, which are safer for you.

Always Quiet?

No! The MRI machine makes loud noises when the magnet is working. It sounds like a drum!

When you have an MRI scan, you need to stay very still so the pictures are clear.