Why Jewelry Needs to Be Removed for an MRI


Discover the reasons why removing jewelry is crucial before an MRI scan.

Jewelry and Metal

Jewelry is often made of metal, which can interact with the MRI's magnetic field.

Magnetic Interference

Metal jewelry can cause magnetic interference, leading to distorted images.

Safety Concerns

The strong magnetic field can move metal jewelry, posing safety risks during the scan.

Metal jewelry can heat up during an MRI scan, causing burns on your skin.

Heating Effect

It’s best to wear comfortable, metal-free shoes like sneakers or flats for your MRI scan.

Accurate Results

Avoiding Damage

The MRI's magnetic field can damage your jewelry, especially delicate pieces.

What to Remove

Take off all metal jewelry, including earrings, necklaces, rings, and body piercings.

Inform Your Technician

Always inform the MRI technician if you have any metal implants or cannot remove certain jewelry.

Safe Storage

Store your jewelry safely before the scan to prevent loss or damage.

Being prepared helps your MRI scan go smoothly and ensures your safety and comfort