Why Do You Have to Fast Before an MRI?

Discover why skipping breakfast before an MRI scan is important.

Fasting Rules

Fasting means not eating or drinking anything except water for a few hours before the MRI.

Why No Food?

Food in your tummy can make the pictures blurry, like smudges on a camera lens.

Clear Pictures

Fasting helps make the pictures clearer so doctors can see everything inside you.

Fasting keeps you safe during the MRI and helps doctors do their best job.

Safety First

Clear pictures help doctors find problems and give you the right treatment.

Helping the Doctors

Staying Calm

Fasting before an MRI is normal, and it's okay. You'll have breakfast after the scan.

Remembering the Rules

Follow the fasting rules your doctor gives you for the best MRI results.

Fasting helps get clear pictures inside your body and keeps you healthy. Great job.