Why Yogurt Can Help Your Stomach

What is Yogurt?

Yogurt is a creamy food made from milk, with a special twist - it’s fermented!

The Magic Ingredient

It has helpful bacteria called probiotics that are good for your belly.

Good Bacteria?

Yes! Not all bacteria are bad. Probiotics in yogurt help keep your stomach happy.

They help balance your tummy's environment to keep it running smoothly.

What Do Probiotics Do?

Eating yogurt can calm your stomach when it feels upset.

Soothing the Stomach

Helps Digestion

Yogurt makes it easier for your body to break down foods.

Building Strong Bones

Besides helping your stomach, yogurt is great for strong bones too!

Yummy and Healthy

There are lots of tasty yogurt flavors to try, all packed with these benefits!

A small bowl of yogurt each day is enough to help your tummy!