Will brain MRI show ear problems?

What's a Brain MRI?

A brain MRI is like a superhero camera that can take super detailed pictures of the inside of your head!

Why Look Inside?

Doctors use this special camera to see what's happening inside your brain and head.

What About the Ears?

Even though it's called a brain MRI, it can also peek at nearby parts like your ears.

If you have ear problems, sometimes the trouble is deep inside, near your brain.

Ear Troubles?

MRI can help doctors see if there’s something wrong around your ears.

MRI to the Rescue!

How Does It Help?

It shows if the problem in your ear is affecting your brain.

Not Just for Brains!

So, a brain MRI isn’t just for the brain, it checks areas around it too!

What Can It Find?

It can find infections, fluid, or anything unusual that shouldn’t be there.

Does It Hurt?

Nope! It's totally painless. You just need to lie still for a little while.

How Long Does It Take?

It usually takes about 30 to 60 minutes.

Always important to listen to doctors—they know the best way to use an MRI.