Your Diet, Workout, and Stress-free Mind Lead to Young Age

Eat a Rainbow

Munch on fruits and veggies of all colors for super health powers.

Breakfast Boost

Start your day with something healthy like oatmeal or eggs!

Snack Smart

Choose nuts or yogurt instead of chips for your snack break.

Dance, jump rope, or play soccer. Exercise makes you strong and happy!

Get Moving

Water is your body’s best friend. Keep a water bottle handy.

Drink Up

Chill Time

Take breaks to breathe deeply or read your favorite book.

Sleep Well

Aim for 10 hours of sleep to wake up bright and ready!

Friend Fun

Laughing with friends is a great way to zap stress.

Family Time

Help cook a meal or play a game with your family.

Mindful Moments

Spend a few minutes being quiet and calm each day.

Stick to these habits for a young and vibrant you!