Xray in Chandigarh

Xray in Chandigarh

An X-ray, also known as a radiograph, is a medical imaging technique that uses ionizing radiation to produce images of the inside of the body. X-rays are a type of electromagnetic radiation, similar to visible light, but with much higher energy.

When an X-ray beam passes through the body, it is absorbed to different degrees by different tissues. Dense tissues, such as bone, absorb more X-rays than softer tissues, such as muscle and fat.

This difference in absorption creates an image of the inside of the body on a film or digital detector.

Diagnose with X-ray

X-rays are commonly used to diagnose conditions such as broken bones, infections, and lung diseases, as well as to guide medical procedures such as biopsies and surgeries.

They are quick, painless, and generally safe, although repeated or prolonged exposure to X-rays can increase the risk of cancer.

X-ray technology has been in use for over a century, and it has played a vital role in the development of modern medicine. Today, X-rays are just one of many types of medical imaging techniques available, including CT (computed tomography) scans, MRIs (magnetic resonance imaging), and ultrasound. Each of these techniques has its own unique set of advantages and limitations, and they are used in different situations depending on the needs of the patient.


In conclusion, X-ray scans are a valuable medical imaging technique that uses high-energy electromagnetic radiation to produce images of the body. They are commonly used to diagnose and monitor a wide range of medical conditions, including fractures, dislocations, and infections, and can also be used to guide medical procedures and monitor the progress of certain treatments. There are several different types of X-ray scans, including traditional X-rays, CT scans, and fluoroscopy, e

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