Can I go for a MRI While Having Periods?

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Can I go for a MRI While Having Periods?

Yes. You can go for an MRI while having periods. There lay no such restriction on having an MRI in terms of your menstruation!

MRI, or Magnetic Resonance Imaging, is a medical test where strong magnetic fields, together with computer-generated radio waves, are used to generate a detailed image of your internal body structures in detail. In fact, an MRI can offer three-dimensional detailed anatomical images! It is safe & painless; non-invasive in technique!

Since no invasion takes place, periods cannot be an issue, right?

Can I go for an MRI While Having Periods?

Not always, I must say!

There are certain factors you need to consider before up-taking an MRI while having periods.

Are you wondering what they are?

  1. When you are on your period, your blood flow is likely to increase. You know this, I guess? At that time, your brain starts sending hormonal signals, turning it hyperactive. Imagining the brain & spine gets difficult in such a scenario, especially if you have a history of epilepsy that gets aggravated by an increased blood flow.
  2. You have heavy bleeding on the first two days of your menstrual phase, and you might not have enough blood in your body to accurately conduct an MRI; you need to consider this! women would probably need a day or two of delay in that case!
  3. When you know that you are someone who has an irregular period or a heavy period, you must consider the difficulty you would face to move & position yourself inside the tube and then again stay still in that position for a long. Discomfort is certainly an issue here!

Take an alternative test

  1. You have the option to take an alternative test when you do not want to pursue an MRI when having periods because you know menstruation is painful for you; it brings cramps & fatigue. You may consult with your doctor on opting for a traditional ultrasound test, depending on what problem you have!
  2. You must also consider the reverse role; that of an MRI over your menstruation. An MRI test, often considered a necessary evil, is indeed a tiring process that involves too much noise & less space to breathe fresh air. It can bring situations where you may have hot flashes, feel like bloating, or have an increased bowel symptom. Can you bear so many problems for the rest of day when you are already tired & suffering from abdominal cramps?
  3. Your uterine lining, called the endometrium, may not be screened in an MRI if you pursue it during your periods. It is because, during your periods, your uterus is likely to be smaller than the average. If you did not have a child yet or had one many years back, you must know this because only at that time your uterus lining expands!

After proper consideration & consultancy from your doctor, you must take the call!


Since you take the call of pursuing an MRI scan while having periods, there, of course, lay some preparation to follow. What are they?

  • You need to book & schedule your appointment previously so that you do not miss the MRI scan on time! Always remember those menstrual abnormalities, if any, can cause the collection of fats and other tissues around the MRI magnet, giving false signals & inaccurate imaging. You do not want it to happen!

Discuss with your doctor what precautions need to follow

  • You need to discuss with your doctor what precautions to take when having an MRI during periods. Your doctor may ask you to avoid some food to ease yourself out! Your doctor may also ask you to stop taking over-the-counter painkillers that you usually take to reduce period cramps, as they may bear the potential to interact with the MRI magnets and tamper with the image accuracy.
  • You need to wear loose & comfortable clothes and also carry a few extra for your MRI while having periods. This is to keep the second option in case the previous one gets stained.
  • You need to use pads and not tampons or menstrual cups. When you are inside that semi-enclosed monster machine, you would anyway feel uncomfortable. Tampons may not allow blood clots to leave, creating more pain on the MRI test spot!

Besides, you must also note that you have to leave all your pieces of jewelry & piercings at home; no makeup, no using deodorant! Why? It is because all of these little pieces contain metal particles that may interact with the MRI magnets and hamper the image quality.

Follow these steps before an MRI, when you’re having Periods

If you are in search of some hacks to ease out all problems of having an MRI during periods,

you have come to the right place. Let me tell you that –

  • Drinking a lot of water, about 32 ounces or 8 full glasses, can help ease out your discomfort during an MRI, but ask your doctor before doing it because you may be required to stay with food & water for some hour to uptake an MRI accurately;
  • Using some hormonal contraception or birth-control pill can also work, I guess;
  • Taking some painkiller to avoid period cramps during the MRI scan is a good idea, but do consult with your doctor regarding which one to have;

Take some anti-depressants to avoid claustrophobia

  • Take some anti-depressants to avoid claustrophobia if you have such a tendency, yet again, in approval from your doctor;
  • Eating green tea before coming for the MRI test can help reduce your mood swings & anxiety that are likely to appear as a symptom of your menstruation;

Wear a fresh Pad before going for MRI

  • Wearing a fresh pad before going for the MRI test can make you feel comfortable and out of stain for the 90 minutes MRI Scanning session;
  • Avoiding smoking at least 30 minutes before the MRI test can eliminate the possibility of cramps when you shall lay inside the tube;
  • Not doing any heavy exercises before an MRI test to avoid excess blood flow during such a time;
  • Taking someone to drive you back home, in case you are not able to manage it on your own!

You can even find various other hacks to make yourself comfortable for an MRI while you are on your period! You have to choose those suiting you!

Final Words: 

So, the conclusion is you can avail of an MRI while having periods, but only when you consider the issues, take necessary preparations, and find out natural hacks to prevent any discomfort from arising at the test spot!

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