Can Overthinking Cause Headache?

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Can Overthinking Cause Headache?

A Crucial Medical Scoop on: Can Overthinking Cause Headache? 

Be it a failure to crack the most vital academic exam or a bad breakup after being in a healthy relationship for the last five years – You often tend to get lost in the dungeons of anxious thoughts for a long!

You swim through the oceans of emotional upheaval and float in the clouds of pessimism or despair!

You drive through the roads of anticipation and sink into the fearsome pond of exaggeration!

Knock! Knock! Can you hear me? Sorry to break your bubbles, but overthinking is likely to cause a headache, & that too, an intense one!

Do you want it? I suppose not! Can you help it? I suppose yes!


You must be wondering why I say so!


This blog shall say it all! Here I bring everything that you need to know about the connection between overthinking & headaches. Read till the end to fill up your knowledge gaps and grow in life, devoid of unnecessary headaches!

What are the symptoms of overthinking?

Most of the time, overthinking may appear awfully like problem-solving and self-reflection. But you have to understand that they are not the same!

While problem-solving is the process of questioning your cognitive self with the intent to unearth an answer or solution, overthinking is more like dwelling on pitfalls & possibilities without any intention of solving the problem!


While self-reflection is an inquisitive method of obtaining a new perspective internally, overthinking is somewhat like obsessing and blaming yourself for something you do not admire about yourself!

Thus, confusing them as overthinking would be wrong! No doubt; overthinking is difficult to trace, and it may at times put a veil of positivity, but trust me, it is not!

Some of the common signs of overthinking are –

  • Recapitulating your mistakes in mind,
  • Replaying & holding on to your past experiences & situations,
  • Questioning yourself for anything & everything but being unable to take a decision or action,
  • Bothering yourself with the worst-case scenarios,
  • Second-guessing & repenting on the decisions you have already made,
  • Dwelling over uncomfortable conversations & challenges,
  • Desperately planning to fix things beyond your control,
  • Connecting your present and foreseeable future with that of your fearsome past,
  • Reiterating your worries in your mind while trying to sleep, and so forth!

What type of headache does overthinking cause?


The headache caused by overthinking is the primary one, called a tension headache! It is the most common type existing in today’s world. While some experience them once in a while, others do so chronically!

Tension headache lay considered chronic when you experience them for more than 15 days in a month & they may lead to concentration problems, persistent irritation & restlessness, fatigue, and trouble sleeping alongside acute head pain!

If you have a tension headache, you are fortunate that it isn’t an underlying neurological issue, nor is it life-threatening!


Tension headaches can get eliminated with over-the-counter painkillers & rest!


It is undeniable that they are bothersome & frustrating! They may even cause stiffness in your back & shoulders and simultaneously reduce your appetite! However, they are not similar to migraines, another primary headache that typically ends up causing nausea & fever.


When you absolutely cannot cope with tension headaches and intake a lot of medication to topple them, you may, in turn, invite rebound headaches that are all the more painful. They indicate that your body is no longer able to tolerate headaches without medication as they are accustomed to such a way!

How can overthinking cause headaches?

Remember that when you overthink, you stress your body & mind massively!

On one hand,

You pressurize your brain to perform cognitive actions, thereby troubling your nerves, blood vessels, and blow flow. You tend to get sleep deprived, impacting normal body functions like digestion, cardiovascular activities, excretion, and so forth!

In fact, you strain your eyes heavily and all your other sense organs. You lose your appetite, thereby causing dehydration, and when that happens, your metabolism is likely to get hampered. At the same time, you lack the nutrients that stand requisite to run your physical activities throughout the day. You lack energy, and likewise, your immunity is likely to deteriorate!


On the other hand,

The conflicts that your mind goes through due to overthinking cause acute stress & anxiety. The behavioral changes that occur drastically are likely to increase the amount of stress, and you lack the motivation to curb the emotional upheaval; happening during the episodes of overthinking. Your mind gets filled with lots of thoughts, and you can help rest your mind!

That is what altogether manifests into a headache, a severe one acting as a barrier in your perpetual growth!

What are the ways to eliminate overthinking & corollary headaches?

Often, to console our friends, family, or close ones, we say that every problem has a solution. That is true indeed!


Only saying that won’t make a difference! You need to take a step to actually solve the problem! Here are a few of them; that may help you eliminate overthinking tendencies & corollary headaches.

  • Try to meditate every day for at least an hour.
  • Drink a lot of clear fluids, at least 32 ounces per day.
  • Discover your hobbies & engage yourself in those activities.
  • Try to go out on drives, enjoy the warmth of nature, & socialize with new people.
  • Keep yourself busy with some or the other work.
  • Treat yourself with gifts or vacations.
  • Try you pen down your feelings & thought.
  • Plan & Readjust your life goals and target to achieve them one after the other.
  • Invest efforts to enhance your self-esteem & do not bother with what negative things some people say about you.
  • Try to make yourself aware of the world, geopolitics, cultures, and economy.
  • Try to work on time management & reflection.
  • Live in the moment.
  • Try to have pets and take care of them.

Bottom Line:

Yes, overthinking can cause headaches. When you overthink, you may become tense and anxious, which can lead to headaches. Additionally, if you are not getting enough sleep or if you are dehydrated, these factors can also contribute to headaches. It is important to manage stress and anxiety, get enough sleep, and stay hydrated in order to prevent headaches.


Your life is too short to remain engrossed in what hurts. You have to take lessons from everything & everyone around you, learn & unlearn, accept yourself with your flaws, and grow as much as you can!

Do you have a better idea of coping with overthinking & tension headaches? Share your opinions with us in the comments below!

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