Difference between a 1.5T MRI & a 3T MRI Machines

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Difference between a 1.5T MRI & a 3T MRI Machines

What is the difference between a 1.5T MRI scanner & a 3T MRI scanner?

Even for someone like me who does not have a vast knowledge of radiology, it is understandable that the 3T MRI scanner is twice in strong as a 1.5T MRI scanner!


That is simple maths!

But where does the difference lie in terms of image quality? If you are paying double the amount to undertake a 3T MRI scan, you must know it all!

1.5T MRI scanner is the standard technology used in medical centers across the globe. However, 3T MRI scanners are in great demand these days. Just like a 1.5T scanner is faster than a 1.2T scanner & also creates more signals, 3T is the better version to supersede a 1.5T scanner in terms of signal & strength.

By now, you must be keen to know what this T is. T is nothing but the unit to measure magnetic strength; Tesla! Note that One Tesla is 10,000 gauss, which is around 30,000 times greater than average gravity on the earth’s surface!

So, you can understand how the Improvisation of the medical equipment took place to benefit the patients!

For complete information, all you have to do is read more down the line!

Why do these medical improvisations matter?

The difference matters because the strength of MRI magnets is directly proportional to the total signals coming from the human body during the test. It is the signals that create the imaging. Thus, the higher the strength, the higher the precision & detailing of your body structures in the image!

There again,

The scan timing depends on how accurately the images lay extracted. The longer it takes to derive an accurate image, the longer go the scan! You & your healthcare provider would certainly not want that! Perhaps, staying in that semi-enclosed tube for a long is difficult. Too noisy & claustrophobic! The faster the scan happens, the faster you can get a sigh of relief!

It is why medical technologists are continuously engaged in research & experiments to bring forth improved diagnostic equipment and aid in precise & early treatment. You fail to acknowledge the reasons for technological advancements in medical science you fail to acquire a suitable diagnostic technique!

What factors to look for; while deciding whether to take a 1.5T MRI scan & 3T MRI scan?

You need to see five things while deciding which MRI scan to uptake; 1.5T or 3T. They are –

  • Primary Usage, 
  • Time is taken to scan, 
  • Safety, 
  • Image Artefacts, & 
  • Cost. 

Of course, you need to do this in consultation with your doctor, as she can always guide you to the best! Sometimes, you cannot consider all the factors simultaneously, but these are what you need to look at before deciding on the MRI scan to uptake.

Differences between 1.5T & 3T MRI Scanner: Take Heed!

  • The difference in Primary Usage

The primary difference sits under the usage of the two! While a 1.5T scanner lay mostly used to examine your Chest & Abdomen, a 3T scanner is ideal for assessing your small bones, brain, musculoskeletal system, & neurological system.

  • The difference in time taken for the scan 

The secondary difference stands following the amount of time the scanning may take. A 3T scanner is faster to send signals than a 1.5T scanner. Hence, the time it takes to complete an MRI scan is lesser in the case of a 3T scanner. That too without any comprise of the image quality!

  • The difference in implant safety 

There exist some implants with which you can safely undertake a 1.5T MRI scan, however you cannot undergo a 3T MRI scan with such implants. It would be otherwise unsafe for you! It is because -the 3T MRI scan involving a stronger magnet than a 1.5T MRI scan can plausibly cause problems with the implants while the other will not!

  • Differences in Image accuracy & detailing

A 3T scanner holds the credit of vivid and clear imaging. Even a 1.5T MRI scanner does, but it is not as detailed as the one emerging from a 3T scanner. It is, of course, because the strength of the magnets in a 3T MRI scan is greater than the 1.5T MRI magnet.

On the other note, if any foreign objects or implants exist in your body, a 3T MRI scan is more likely to culminate in a deteriorated image quality than a 1.5T MRI scan. It is because the amount of distortion a foreign object can cause in the imaging is always greater when the power of magnets is too high.

  • Difference in Cost 

While the 3T MRI scan brings into the picture more clarity in the structural diagnosis, it is likely to be costlier than a 1.5T MRI scan. In fact, the cost of a 3T MRI scan is twice the amount you pay for a 1.5T scan!

The purchase & maintenance cost for a 3T scanner is, likewise, greater than a 1.5T scanner!

  • Difference in availability

It is also an important parameter of differential! While a 1.5T scanner is available at every diagnostic center, hospital, or clinic, a 3T scanner is not available everywhere. You may come across them in prestigious private hospitals, the large ones in the city. But they stand unavailable at certain places, especially at the small diagnostic center on the outskirts.

Summing up:

Now that you already know what the major differences between 1.5T & 3T MRI scanners are, you have to take the call about which one you want to pursue. Check your prescription and see the type of MRI your doctor recommended. I mean, the location of the examination!

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What are you waiting for?

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