Is It Safe To Use Deodorant Before An MRI?

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Is It Safe To Use Deodorant Before An MRI?

Is it safe to use deodorant before an MRI: What do Experts Say? 

A deodorant is used to cover your odd body odor & it gives you a fresh outlook when you go out; somewhere! Let’s be honest, it is one such cosmetics we wear before leaving home for anything, whatsoever it be!

Quite naturally, we think that deodorant will not be a problem to wear before an MRI scan. Instead, it would keep you smelling good when inside the tube and reduce some of your anxiety. Refreshment is the positive energy logic working behind it.


Let me tell us, referring to many medical experts, that – Certain possibilities may occur because of using deodorant, and they are as follows!

  • Deodorant can enhance radioactivity inside your body when availing of an MRI scan. That is why it may bear the potential to interfere with the scan and bring down radiation risks to your physical health.
  • Deodorants, many of them, even if not all, can entail metallic elements which are likely to intervene in the MRI sequence & tamper with the test result, thereby culminating in lower-quality images.
  • Deodorants may irritate your skin when you are inside the semi-enclosed tube for a long, especially when you sweat and even afterward.


Doctors have varied opinions in this regard, and so do medical researchers; while some recommend low- irritation Deodorant, some disregard it, in the very first place, as a cosmetic with metallic contents; some also suggest other alternatives.

Hence, it is advisable that you should always consult your doctor and seek approval of applying deodorant to your body before an MRI scan.

The Harmful Connection between Deodorant & MRI Scan: Myth!

There is a huge debate on whether you can actually use deodorant when you undertake an MRI scan! Amidst the confusion of medical practices, people have always had their tendency to assume for themselves! That’s how myths come up!

One such myth is certainly that deodorants are harmful to the human body when used during an MRI scan!


Some people worry about the safety of using deodorant as this dilute material can bring sparks & catch fire easily. But, there isn’t any such evidence to prove that deodorant can become an issue or risk factor while undertaking an MRI scan.


Deodorant can be typically considered safe for your body & physical health!

Deodorant can minimize the efficiency of an MRI scan: Remember, it is a cosmetics!

Did you not remember your doctor telling you that no cosmetics or makeup stands permissible for an MRI scan?

It is simply because all cosmetics, including deodorants, contain metal particles. And when you are inside the scanner, that big magnet, the metal particles can send radio signals, creating a falsified MRI sequence. Yes. It is possible & it can refrain you from having an accurate diagnosis!

In the pharmaceutical industry, aluminum compounds are some of the common ingredients in beauty care products. Antiperspirants or Deodorants primarily constitute aluminum salts that work to inhibit perspiration. Therefore, when you apply an antiperspirant or deodorant, the aluminum salt dissolves on your skin. Thereupon, clogging the sweat-pouring ducts & pores and reducing the moisture present underneath the skin by nearly 20 percent!

Don’t you acknowledge that the aluminum salt still sits on your skin pores & ducts, so the moment you are inside the MRI machine, it may send false signals to the magnet & disrupt the MRI image?

Disclaimer for Pregnant Women: On Deodorant Use & MRI scan!

If you are pregnant & your doctor prescribed an MRI scan, then please learn about the preparations you need to take for the MRI scan before uptaking it! You can straightaway ask your doctor, surf the internet, or maybe give a call to the radiology center and inquire about the requisites. This is because you need double precautions at this time for you and your baby!


Particularly regarding the use of deodorant! I know, you must be wondering from your little knowledge that the 90-minute staycation in a still position inside that donut-shaped confined tube would need some deodorant to keep the air out of bad odor; the one, coming from sweat!


The American College of Radiology recommends otherwise! They say that pregnant women must avoid using perfumes & deodorant sprays on the body before an MRI scan because such a condition can stir up the high level of radiation from the MRI machine. As we all know, radiation is extremely harmful to the fetus & your body simultaneously! The same reason for doctors to suggest avoiding tight clothes during an MRI when pregnant!

So, consulting your doctor is a must!



You must be sure whether or not it is safe to apply deodorant during an MRI scan! I hope the blog served the answer to the question you were seeking for since long. If not, you can feel free to write back to us at

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