MRI head in Chandigarh

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MRI head in Chandigarh

MRI is just a simple, non-invasive procedure that provides a comprehensive picture of the head including brain stems. An MRI generates the pictures with a radio wave as well as an electromagnetic field. You may get a ahead MRI in a clinic or radiology facility.

An MRI scanning includes a 3D view of your inner structures, which is more efficient in detecting problems in micro brain regions including the posterior pituitary as well as brain tendrils than some other scans. A contrasting substance can often be administered via an intravenous line to show more clearly specific tissues or defects.

Possible reasons to get brain MRI

While many diseases of the brain may be critical or life-threatening, it is vital to remember that an MRI of the brain should not be fearful. This is an advantageous approach, which may help your healthcare team detect possible problems and give treatment before difficulties become more serious.

Several major diseases diagnosed with brain MRI include:

Hemorrhages: An infarction and hemorrhoid can be detected by an MRI of the head, a problem that may pose life threats. An aneurysm of the brain is a fragile and bursting region of the brain’s arterial wall. Even when an aneurysm breaks down, brain injury, stroke as well as death may happen.

Bleeding or even similar blood flow problems may also be identified by a brain MRI.

Brain Edema: Brain edema is an infection or bloating of the human brain. Such inflammation usually implies that your brain gets more pressure from certain factors or objects. This can lead to irritation and discomfort as well as to other medical problems.

Cysts or Tumors: The MRI of the mind can be used to identify brain abnormalities and cancers. Cysts and tumours are both undesirable which may be non-cancerous as well as malignant.

What is the function of Head MRI?

An MRI may capture pictures of your head using strong magnets, radio waves as well as a computer. Pictures of MRI are finer and much more accurate than other screening kinds of imagery. Whenever one’s body is put into a MRI machine, a powerful magnetic field re-aligns your hydrogen particles. This will not affect the tissues of your body chemically. As protons return to their previous alignment, energy is emitted. This power is collected by the MRI scanner to produce photos. Radio waves send a message to the system to generate MRI pictures.

Who requires an MRI with contrast?

The MRI scanning using contrast happens only when the doctor requests and allows. Throughout the process, the gadolinium-based color is injected directly into the hand. The medium of contrast increases the picture quality and enables the radiologist to be diagnosed with more precision and confidence.

MRI head cost in Chandigarh

1.5 Tesla MRI scanning is the most popular request for medical examinations in Chandigarh. The Magnetic resonance imaging is 15,000 Gauss and is 30,000 times more powerful than the magnet generated on earth in one 1.5T scanner. This balances the hydrogen particles and creates the pictures for an MRI examination. Receive an effective MRI scanning in Chandigarh at the cheapest price (2500-5000).


Extensive study has been undertaken on whether MRI scanning might cause harm to the normal body due to the electromagnetic fields as well as the radio waves employed. There was no indication that a danger was present, meaning that MRI examinations are among the safest possible medical treatments.

However, in certain instances, MRI scanning should not be suggested. For instance, you might not be allowed to complete an MRI scan if you are equipped with a metal device, like a pacemaker or perhaps a prosthetic joint. Throughout pregnancy, they are not often suggested.

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