MRI Scan For Neurological Disorders

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MRI Scan For Neurological Disorders

Doctors Prefer An MRI Scan For Neurological Disorders: Do You Know Why and When? Yes. Doctors tend to recommend an MRI or Magnetic Resonance Imaging scan for neurological disorders more than any other imaging test, be it a low-dose CT (Computed Tomography) or a functional PET (Positron Emission Tomography) scan. Are you wondering why so?


That’s precisely why I am here with this blog today!

Here you can see why and when your doctor relies on an MRI scan for diagnosing and treating various neurological conditions. Also, why an MRI scan; why not other diagnostic modalities when there are so many out there? Perhaps, MRI scans are expensive! One ought to know what’s worth!

Discover now!

Overview On: What Is MRI, and How Does The Scan Work?

An MRI scan is a non-invasive and radiation-less diagnostic modality where powerful magnets and computer-generated radio waves work together to screen the images of your internal body organs, blood vessels, neurons, tissues, and cells.


MRI Scan For Neurological Disorders

The magnets reside on the walls of the large MRI scanner that you see the moment you step inside the radiology lab room. When you lie down on the attached moveable bed and move inside the semi-circular donut-shaped machine, the magnets start their action. They influence your body protons to move out of their position so that the radio waves can map the body anatomy on the computer screen when these protons go back to their original place!

If the radiologist who supervises this entire procedure cannot locate the disease you have, the test may involve contrast dye administration into your body, typically intravenously. This can help your healthcare providers fetch an enhanced image clarity to diagnose what disorder you have, herein neurological!

The scan may take around 30 to 45 minutes to complete typically. But, when the contrast administration lay involved, the scan may take even 90 minutes! So, you better be prepared and keep some extra time in hand.

When Do Doctors Recommend An MRI Scan for Neurological Disorders?

  • Are you witnessing a loss of balance while doing your regular activities?
  • Do you recently face difficulty swallowing your food? Or does it feel like you have a lump in your throat?
  • Did you come across sudden and persistent headaches in the last few days? Or maybe, your headache frequency and intensity change abruptly and are different from the migraine you usually have?
  • Have you experienced severe and sudden neck pain shortly?
  • Do you experience weakness or tenderness in your muscles?
  • Are you into frequent episodes of memory loss for the last few days?
  • Do you have seizures or lack of consciousness often nowadays?
  • Did you experience vision problems accompanied by dizziness and altered sleep patterns shortly?
  • Are you suffering from speech and learning disabilities these days?
  • Can you feel an uncontrollable stiffness in the body, particularly your arms and legs?


All of the above are signs of neurological disorders that need immediate medical attention, and when your doctor recommends an MRI scan to find out what is the exact cause of these health symptoms!

Why Do Doctors Ask For An MRI Scan For Neurological Disorders?

Doctors ask for an MRI scan for neurological disorders primarily because an MRI scan is efficient in diagnosing diseases of your brain and nervous system. What neurological conditions can an MRI diagnose; you must be wondering!


Neurological Disorders



They are –

  • Multiple sclerosis, i.e., a condition where your immune system eats up the protective sheath of the nerves,
  • Aneurysms, i.e., the bulging of your blood vessels, mostly your arteries,
  • Hydrocephalus, or the neurological condition where abnormal cerebrospinal fluids start building up in the ventricular cavities deep within your brain,
  • A stroke or stop of blood supply to a particular brain part, a sudden burst of a blood vessel,
  • An intracranial brain tumor (benign or cancerous),
  • Brain abscesses, or an infectious pus collection in your brain,
  • Congenital neurological abnormalities, like neural tube defects,
  • Traumatic brain injury,
  • Eye or inner ear disorder,
  • Damages associated with epilepsy,
  • Pituitary gland issues,
  • Alzheimer’s,
  • Infections and Inflammation in your nerves, and so forth!

Doctors Prefer An MRI Scan Over Other Imaging Test For Neurological Disorders: Why?

Doctors prefer an MRI scan over other diagnostic modalities for two main reasons, as follows!

Contrast MR Angio Brain in Chandigarh

Patient’s Safety

An MRI scan is one of the safest modalities to diagnose various health diseases today! Neither does an MRI involve any wear and tear to your body, nor does it expose patients to harmful ionizing radiation like in a CT, PET, or X-ray!

Well, such a choice leave room for no further health complications like kidney disease, heart disease, or a more complex cancer that arises from radiation exposure.

Diagnostic Accuracy

MRI scans are far more accurate in diagnosing certain neurological disorders and are the only option when other diagnostic modalities fail to trace the problem.

Even though not 100 percent accurate, an MRI scan has greater sensitivity in detecting acute ischemic stroke than a traditional CT scan. According to a research study by the National Institutes of Health, India, an MRI holds 89% diagnostic accuracy for acute stroke, while a CT holds only 54%.

In fact, MRI scans are about –

  • 90% accurate in diagnosing multiple sclerosis,
  • 82.7% accurate in detecting hydrocephalus,
  • 87.01% accuracy in locating intracranial brain tumors,
  • 84% specific in identifying nerve enlargement,
  • 90% specific and 86.7% sensitive in tracing aneurysms!

Much ahead of other scanning methods!

Bottom Line:

So, an MRI scan for neurological disorders is a worthy health management expenditure. You can get an early diagnosis of complex conditions and subsequent early treatment. No risks and no complications. But great imaging of your neurological anatomy!

If your doctor has recommended an MRI scan in Chandigarh, do not hesitate to drop by and book your test appointment at your time but at a discounted price!

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