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Get the most comfortable MRI scan, CT Scan, PET Scan and all Radio Diagnostic services from best MRI Center in Chandigarh at best price. Our prices for MRI scan is starting from Rs.4500 only. Book appointment now to avail the best offers on MRI Head, Brain, Knee, LS Spine, Back etc.

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1.5 tesla/3 tesla MRI in Chandigarh, Mohali, Panchkula starting from Rs.4500 only

Our MRI Center is equipped with all state-of-the-art medical diagnostic & imaging technology you would expect from a leading MRI scan centre in Chandigarh. MRI Chandigarh offers latest 1.5 tesla and 3 tesla MRI at best price.

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MRI, CT Scan & PET Scan at best price in Chandigarh free pick & drop

Get MRI, CT Scan, PET Scan, Xray, Ultrasound and all medical and radio diagnostics services at best price with free pick and drop facility in tricity. Prices starting from Rs.2500 for CT scan and Rs.16000 for PET Scan.

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MRI Centre in Chandigarh

In-house Radiologist

We have in-house Radiologist at MRI Chandigarh so, you will get same day report with accurate results.

Pick drop facility

We provide free pick and drop facility for our patients in tricity for MRI, CT Scan and PET Scan with cheapest price in Chandigarh.

World Class Technology

We are equipped with World Class MRI Scan Facility at Reasonable pricing. With best in class skilled technicians.

1.5T/3.0T MRI Scan

Get the most comfortable MRI scan in Chandigarh with high quality 1.5T or 3T machines at best and affordable price.

MRI Chandigarh
MRI Scan in Chandigarh
MRI centre in Chandigarh
MRI Scan centre in Chandigarh

MRI Chandigarh

Best MRI Centre in Chandigarh

We are one stop medical diagnostic center in Chandigarh. We are one of the leading MRI centre providing combined state-of-the art Radio-imaging services. At MRI Chandigarh our price are very less in the market for both 1.5T and 3.0T MRI scans while maintaining the quality.

We offer a best and fast MRI scan in Chandigarh at the best possible price. There are no hidden fees. You will also benefit from our medical recommendations for onward referral once we have received the results of your MRI scan.

  • Best price in Chandigarh for MRI, CT scan and PET Scan.
  • Free pick and drop facility
  • In-house radiologist for same day report
  • 24/7 open for consultation, support and booking appointments.
  • 1.5 Tesla and 3.0 Tesla MRI at best price in tricity.
  • Partnered with best MRI scan centres in Chandigarh.
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  • Do MRI scans have any side effects?

    There are no known side effects of an MRI scans.

  • How do I prepare for an MRI scan?

    After making appointment for MRI scan in Chandigarh, our staff will refer you the best centre as per the scans you are advices. There is no such preparations required for the scan. For scans related to abdomen, 3-4 hours of fasting is required. You should bring previous reports if any for better examining.

  • How long does an MRI take?

    MRI scanning time depends on the exact area of the body studied, but ranges from half an hour to an hour and a half.

  • What is the approximate cost of an MRI scan in Chandigarh?

    Price for MRI scan in Chandigarh starts from Rs.5500 but here at MRI Chandigarh you get cheapest price starts from Rs.2800 only. Book appointment today to avail the best available offers on MRI Head, Brain, Knee, LS Spine, Back etc

  • Can I get an MRI/CT scan without referring any doctor?

    You can refer yourself for your MRI scan and don't need a referral. If you require an MRI with contrast please complete the enquiry form on Mri Chandigarh. You can also book your MRI scan online , simply fill-up the form and Mri Chandigarh team will call Back you very soon.

  • Is an MRI scary?

    This is not because MRI scans are dangerous, or even particularly scary. It is just an unusual experience in which our natural and normal reaction is to be at least a little cautious of what is happening around us. Feelings of claustrophobia before and during an MRI scan is normal, but most people adapt very quickly. Mri Chandigarh Helps you to overcome by claustrophobia and motivates you to overcome fear. Have a fearless Mri With Mri Chandigarh.

  • Why do MRI results take so long?

    The number of images. If many images are needed for a dedicated analysis, your MRI will take longer than a scan taking fewer images. The part of your body getting scanned. In general, the larger the area of your body that needs to be scanned, the longer the MRI will take.

  • How often can I get MRI?

    There are no strict rules, but most doctors agree that having an MRI scan once a year is about right

  • Is MRI safer than CT scan?

    They have similar uses but produce pictures in different ways. CT scans use X-rays while MRI scans use strong magnets and radio waves. A CT scan is generally good for larger areas, while an MRI scan produces a better overall image of the tissue under examination. Both have risks but are relatively safe procedures.

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    Which Scan Is Better for the Brain?  Well, your doctor is the one who can tell you which scan is better for the brain for your case, and it may vary from person to person. However, medical experts recognize MRI or Magnetic Resonance Imaging as the gold-standard method for brain diagnosis.


    Perhaps, MRI is the scanning modality today that can create a precise image of the various soft tissues in your brain and detect the existing anomaly. Your doctor may pick this scan for different reasons. Do you want to know them all?

    Do you want to know why an MRI lay is considered better than an X-ray or Brain CT? What is an MRI,  and how accurate is it? Or why your doctor recommends some other scan instead of an MRI?

    If so, continue reading this article!

    What Is A Brain MRI and How Is It Better than Other Imagining Tests?

    A Brain MRI is the process in which magnets and radio waves lay combined to screen your brain structure in detail. It is a non-invasive process. You do not require a hospital stay to pursue this scan. Typically, a brain MRI takes 30 minutes minimum and can go up to 90 minutes.

    A Brain MRI is available in hospitals, clinics, and diagnostic centers. A radiology team assists you during the scan. First, you have to lie down on a moveable table. The table slides into a tube-shaped machine where the scanning process takes place. In order to enhance the image clarity, your radiologist may use contrast dye. So, it stands essential to discuss with your doctor the allergies you have. Or medications you take before this scan!

    • An MRI is safer than other imaging tests like CT scans or X-rays. It does not entail any radiation. Therefore, it leaves no room for health complications.
    • It can look into the soft tissues with greater precision, thereby facilitating the diagnosis of brain diseases at their early stage.
    • It is the test that helps doctors extract a 3D cross-sectional display that helps doctors plan a brain surgery or biopsy.
    • A Brain MRI can also provide valuable information on your optical system, spinal cord, and the back side of your brain, which isn’t otherwise possible to get via an X-ray or CT scan.

    So, when it comes to the question of which scan is better for the brain, doctors prefer MRI over other imaging tests.

    When Do Doctors Recommend a Brain MRI and Why?

    Do you have severe headaches, confusion, numbness in the body, and a high fever for the last few days? Or is it extreme fatigue and nausea alongside episodes of seizure that bother you?

    Are you experiencing vision or speaking difficulties? Does this gets accompanied by headaches in the morning and muscle weakness? Do you think that you cannot hear properly? Or maybe you immediately get a headache while you cough or sneeze?

    All these are red alerts of brain diseases, and it’s plausible for your doctor to order a brain MRI. Multiple conditions cause such symptoms. Your doctor seeks to see which one it is!

    Is it a –

    • Brain Tumors and Cancer, their shape, size, type, location, and stage,
    • Brain Injuries, including those caused by acute trauma,
    • Cysts, Infections, Inflammation in the soft tissues,
    • White Matter Diseases,
    • Abnormalities in the Blood Vessels of your Brain,
    • Blocked Arteries or Veins,
    • Hemorrhage, Stroke, Aneurysms,
    • Nerve Damage,
    • Dementia, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s,
    • Excess Fluid Buildup in your brain, the condition called Hydrocephalus,
    • Multiple Sclerosis, a progressive auto-immune disease affecting your central nervous system,
    • Spinal Cord Disorders, such as Herniated Discs, Abscesses, etc.,
    • Optic Nerve Damage,
    • Inner Ear Anomalies,
    • Chronic & Persistent Headaches caused by Depression, or
    • Pituitary Gland Problems?

    MRI is mostly accurate in diagnosing these!

    How Accurate Is A Brain MRI?

    In recent times, MRI stands as the most sensitive and specific imaging test for your brain. That is precisely why doctors choose MRI when emphasizing which scan is better for the brain.

    • The National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI) states that an MRI is 87% accurate in diagnosing intra-axial gliomas, i.e., brain tumors starting from the neuron-supporting glial cells.
    • In fact, many studies highlight that an MRI is 99.57% accurate in classifying meningioma, a category of tumor originating in the meninges tissue. Its accuracy rate for identifying pituitary tumors stands at 99.67%.
    • The Journal of Clinical Oncology shows that an MRI holds a 66% accuracy in identifying and evaluating cancerous growth at its early stage.
    • NCBI also notes that an MRI reserves 94% sensitivity in detecting multiple sclerosis within the first year of an attack.
    • Researches show that technical advances in MRI modality today offer over 70% accuracy in detecting white matter lesions, the early sign of dementia.
    • Studies reveal that in 60 to 85% of brain aneurysm cases, an MRI is correct in diagnosis and evaluation!

    When Do Doctors Prefer Another Imagining Test Over An MRI?

    Despite the proven efficiency of MRI in diagnosing brain diseases, your doctor may opt for other imaging tests, like a CT scan, PET or Positron Emission Tomography Scan, EEG or Electroencephalogram, and more!

    Of course, such a decision has certain reasons behind it. And your doctor shall vividly discuss it with you.

    • If you have metallic implants in the body, whether a cochlear implant, pacemaker, metallic joint plates, or cardioverter defibrillators, an MRI is not suitable for you! It can tamper with the test results and also bring physical injuries due to the magnetic pull. That is why your doctor may opt for another scan.
    • If and when your doctor needs to check the metabolic activities in your brain’s cellular level, your doctor may ask for a PET scan. It is to see a traumatic brain injury or stage of dementia.
    • MRIs are too expensive and not easily accessible everywhere. So, your doctor may go for a CT scan. In this case, your doctor mostly likely predicts that you have a blood clot, torn ligaments, or other structural deformities that get easily detected via a CT scan.

    Last Words

    So, can you now understand why and when MRI seems the most significant answer to which scan is better for the brain and why and when it does not? I hope you can! If you have more queries about a brain scan, you are free to leave us a message at [email protected].

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    The facility is clean, the staff is courteous, and the reports are provided in a timely fashion. All in all a great place for MRI scan in Chandigarh.

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    Staff is friendly I am happy centre is cleaned. Staff care the patient it is very good diagnostic centre


    MRI Scan

    Used their service recently for my brother's MRI in Chandigarh and they had made it very convenient to book the scan and not just that they even told me what prerequisites I needed to take like fasting overnight. Will definitely use their service again.

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    Tried them for the first time for my MRI scan. Great service over the phone for appointment and from the technician who performed the scan. Got the report the same day by evening. Great experience overall.

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    I have got three scans done in the last few months at this centre. I recommend MRI Chandigarh to my family and friends for MRI scan if there is a need. For me most importantly the technician are very capable. Also overall not a bad experience at all. I would easily recommend this place to people i know.


    MRI Scan

    MRI Chandigarh - MRI centre is best because the fees of MRI is less as compare to all MRI centre in Chandigarh which is near by PGI. I done my MRI and the report is pretty accurate.

    Shifa Khan

    Pet Ct Scan

    Fantastic experience. Everything is so managed here that you will not face any single problem. Staff members are also very polite. Recommended!

    Manjit Kaur

    Dota Pet Scan

    My 3rd PET CT has been done here. Really good services. Most of staff is very caring and polite. If you want to excellent results in same day, this PET CT is good option.

    Sunil Arora

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    Had really great experience with Mri Scan in Chandigarh. The staff was really cooperative and helped me on my every visit. Doctors are really polite and guided me through. My scan went really smooth. Thank you for the best healthcare.


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