Ways to avoid Claustrophobia: Top 10 Tips for MRI?

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Ways to avoid Claustrophobia: Top 10 Tips for MRI?

Ways to avoid Claustrophobia: Top 10 Tips for MRI?


Those who have undergone an MRI test know, or even if you haven’t; you already know claustrophobia is a big problem in this diagnostic test. Yes. When you are lying down inside the tube, a heavy noise from the machine enclosing you, your fear of being trapped in such a confined position may entangle you, and your mouth choking! You wouldn’t like that situation, of course. Unless you are planning to suicide inside an MRI machine by being choked to death! Can’t relate!

Even a little suffocation would be like the world tearing down, for us, unfortunates! But we can always find ways to curb such a situation from arising. Are you wondering, how is that?

Here is a brief on the Top 10 Tips for MRI from renowned doctors & medical experts across the globe – Your Ways to avoid Claustrophobia during an MRI Scan!

Are you ready to learn them?

Tip 1 –

The primary task before up-taking an MRI is to know what is coming. When you are already aware of where & how an MRI takes place, what are the steps, what are used, and everything you expect of coming!

You shall be prepared emotionally & mentally for it!

This helps ease the risk of surprises inside the tube. Anxiety is in no way beneficial for a patient pursuing an MRI scan! So, ask your doctor about the MRI test and what to do before and after an MRI. Study & research on your own & get all your doubts clarified!

That is going to prevent any unfortunate condition from appearing!

Tip 2 –

Your secondary hack is to fill up your knowledge gaps regarding MRI machines. We often tend to doubt technologies till the time we can access them smoothly. MRI is that medical technology; a huge one, indeed, to appear scary and full of deficits. You must know that the machine makes a heavy noise, not at all soothing to human ears!

This little knowledge shall allow you to carry an ear cuff if that suits you! The ear cuff cannot obsolete the sound from reaching your ears, but the rough edges won’t be audible, I guess, and you will not feel irritated or stressed!

Tip 3 –

Your next way out is to carry an eye mask with you. Yes. While you lay down inside that donut-like tube, the eye mask shall help you escape the view of such a confined area. Basically, this is the out-of-sight, out-of-mind policy! When you cannot see what’s happening & just feel it, you don’t really feel that terrific or scary!

Instead of feeling trapped or claustrophobic, you shall have a feeling of being in a familiar place!

Tip 4 –

If music is your favorite solution to get over anxiety & anticipation, you can also use it as a tool to overcome claustrophobia during an MRI. You can ask the healthcare providers to help you give your earplugs. You can play music and listen to them all the while; until your MRI test stands over!

It is because music is going to distract you from all reminders! You won’t think about the semi-enclosed tube you are in!

Tip 5 –

You can ask always ask for a blanket from the healthcare providers! But, of course, only if the scan allows it. It may differ from one MRI type to another! When you have a blanket to wrap around, the same way you do while sleeping in your bed, you are likely to gain some security during the test session. You can stay calm throughout the MRI process and stay in peace!

No feeling of being trapped, No suffocation!

Tip 6 –

You can try focusing on your breathing!

Medical research reveals that you can reduce anxiety & its related disorders by taking slow, deep, & controlled breaths. They say deep breathing enhances vagal tone, the one made by your vagal nerve, thereby easing out your heartbeat and relaxing the areas around the gut! Perhaps, a great hack to reduce anxiety & avoid claustrophobia during an MRI scan!

Tip 7 –

You can try doing some meditation exercises at home a few days before the MRI scan. This shall train you to stay calm & composite when undergoing the test. It is more of a training call where you can make yourself ready to fight claustrophobia when inside the tube, no matter if it takes as long as an hour!

Tip 8 –

Do not forget that you need someone to support you, someone whom you can trust! Sometimes, we cannot do everything by ourselves; we need comrades. And this is when you will require support. You will know someone is waiting outside to see you be fine! Too relaxing, isn’t it?

I believe it is! Perhaps, it can be one of the biggest psychological strengths you can possess and fight your claustrophobic tendencies!

Tip 9 –

If you are not at all confident about yourself being okay inside the MRI tube, if you think you would anyway feel claustrophobic therein, and, in no way, you can stop that, let your radiologist know about it! If you think a sedative can be a better alternative & you are ready to bear a few hours of minor side effects, if any, go for the sedative. Talk to your doctor or radiologist regarding this!

Tip 10 –

You can opt for a wide-bore MRI scan instead of the ordinary one. For this, you, no doubt, have to surf through the net, check, recheck, verify, & go to a center that offers such an opportunity! Wide sore MRI machines are shorter & winder in size. They allow an expansive image experience!

If the MRI clinic you have already consulted has it, ask them to accommodate in this regard!

Summing Up:

By now, you already have an idea of the different ways you can take up to avoid claustrophobia during an MRI. You can also go for some other way if you have any to deal with that monster problem. For any doubts or queries, contact us at www.mrichandigarh.com.

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