What Should You NOT Do Before An MRI?

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What Should You NOT Do Before An MRI?

Doctor’s Tips on What you should not do before an MRI scan?

Whenever you hear about getting an MRI, your palms may sweat, your hands may shake, and your mind, full of anxiety & anticipation! The fact that you shall come across a disease growing inside you for a long is itself very scary. Over that, there is this panic about the MRI procedure, where large MRI machines are involved, and sometimes even sedatives & contrast materials!

Medical science says that MRI is a painless & safe procedure, so there lay at least one relief! But sometimes, an excess dosage of sedative or contrast material may create side effects & risky conditions.

You may have rashes in the skin, redness, or itching throughout the area of IV intervention!

You may feel like vomiting!

You may have a headache, high body temperature, and soreness in taste!

You may feel short of breath!

Although these side effects are likely to go away on their own, we would always prefer to avoid them! That is why we need to follow the instructions given to us before and after the test.

Dos & DON’Ts

Indeed, there are certain Dos & DON’Ts that you need to follow before and after availing of an MRI test, and we are going to learn about the don’ts stated by doctors to follow before an MRI scan. Let us quickly get into it!

Tip 1 –

You should not avail of an MRI test if you have any metallic objects installed in your body like –

  1. Cochlear implants,
  2. Pacemaker,
  3. Artificial heart valves,
  4. Implanted nerve stimulators,
  5. Metal chips, screws, or plates,
  6. Intrauterine devices,
  7. Metallic Joint Prostheses, and so forth!

This is because the presence of metallic objects in your body during the extraction of images in presence of magnetic fields may tamper with the test accuracy & dexterity!

Tip 2 –

For the very same reasons, doctors also suggest that you should not do any piercings on your body; during the few days before your test. You can have it afterward anyway!

Tip 3 –

The same reason enables the doctor to further give a disclaimer! They say you should not wear any kind of metallic object, be it a piece of jewelry or a watch, be it a piercing you have in your body or a metallic object attached to your clothes!

Tip 4 –

In the same context, doctors state that you should not wear any makeup before taking an MRI test or rather while going for the test! No lipstick, No eyeshadow, No highlighter, No toner! No powders, no perfumes, no lotions, nothing! Why? It is because there come alerts of metallic content!

Tip 5 –

Doctors say you should not be dishonest with your radiologist before up-taking the test. The radiologist or the technician may ask you a few questions related to your health. You should not lie to pursue to test on an immediate basis. You should not lie about the –

  1. Your past medical histories,
  2. Your current medical condition,
  3. Medications you intake,
  4. Medications you used to consume,
  5. Your age, and
  6. Your lifestyle habits!

Tip 6 –

Doctors say that you should not at all pursue an MRI when you are pregnant. Nor if you have diabetes! Under such a scenario, an alternative would be suggested!

Tip 7 –

Doctors also suggest that you should not have an immediate meal before an MRI, especially if any contrast material or sedatives are given. The duration of fasting before an MRI depends on the type of MRI you are about to pursue.

For instance, a Cardiac MRI may require you to not eat for six hours before the MRI scan. Some MRIs require 4 hours and some 2 hours! This is to stimulate the resistance power & avoid gas formation or excess liquids inside the body that may result in cloudy images!

Tip 8 –

Doctors may suggest you should not use bathrooms too often before the MRI scan. This is mainly when you are instructed to have an MRI after drinking a lot of fluids. You need to limit your bathroom trips because you do not want to flush the liquid from your body, I suppose; that was the purpose of such instructions!

Tip 9 –

Doctors are very particular about the precaution that you should not smoke before an MRI scan, at least for about 30 minutes before it begins! This is to avoid any mishap in the result accuracy.

Tip 10 –

Doctors say you should not drink alcohol or caffeine before an MRI scan! Of course, it is because alcohol & caffeine are both stimulators of blood pressure & flow. When such a thing happens, you are likely to get false MRI images!

Tip 11 –

Doctors say you should not do any heavy exercise or weight lifting before an MRI. You should not simultaneously roam around from one place to another. This is because you might otherwise suffer from fatigue, motion sickness, or claustrophobia amidst the enclosed machine over you; the rough & loud noise, coming from the MRI machine!

Tip 12 –

Doctors state that you should not feel too emotional. Nor should you overthink something before the MRI. Stress & anxiety can fall heavily upon the test performance & results.

Tip 13 –

Doctors also state that you should not mess up with the schedule for the day. Instead, you need to eat & drink when said, take medicines as referred, sleep accordingly & wake up, freshen up on time, get ready on time, & go to the diagnostic center on time! That’s what doctors advise!

Tip 14 –

Doctors are very specific about the fact that you should not take over-the-counter painkillers before an MRI, no matter how much head or body aches you have! Any medicines containing aspirin lay prohibited in this regard! Whenever you face a problem in the preparation, do dial your doctor!


Can you drink alcohol before an MRI?

It is generally not recommended to consume alcohol before an MRI. Alcohol can have various effects on the body, including potential interactions with sedatives or other medications that may be used during the procedure. Additionally, alcohol can impair your coordination and judgment, which can be problematic if you need to remain still during the MRI scan.



To conclude,

You do not have to panic or worry about the MRI scan if you are available from certified healthcare providers; You do not have to bother about what may happen during the process or after the process!


You need to follow the instructions given to you before up-taking an MRI scan, the Dos & DON’Ts, and the latter, specifically to have accurate imaging.

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Your article was extremely helpful


[…] Alcohol consumption before an MRI can significantly interfere with the accuracy of the scan. When alcohol is present in your body, it can cause disruptions that affect how clear and precise the images from the MRI will be. […]

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