What to do when you are nervous about MRI?

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What to do when you are nervous about MRI?

3 Effective Solutions: What to do when you are nervous about MRI? 


Are you someone having an MRI or Magnetic Resonance Imaging Test scheduled in a few days and looking for ways to cope with your nervousness & stress about having the test?


There is nothing to feel nervous about in an MRI! Neither will you have a cut in your body, nor will you get any radiation dosage to witness a further health complication! Nothing of that sort exists for an MRI!

An MRI test is one in which strong magnets alongside radio waves lay utilized to examine your internal body structures & functions from head to toe. Trust me; no test can ever ensure as detailed an image of the various body tissues as an MRI scan!

No doubt, your experience of MRI scan can be troublesome if you are not aware of a few things, such as –

  • An MRI test cannot be conducted on people who have metallic implants in the body, like metallic dental fillings or metal plates in your knee joint!
  • An MRI test can fail to uphold its precision & dexterity if you wear any kind of makeup or metallic accessories such as piercings!
  • An MRI scan can be incredibly noisy, somewhat like a jackhammer; bangs & clanks repeated for a long!
  • An MRI scan can be suffocating, especially if you have claustrophobia. It is because the space is enclosed & too less in the MRI tube!
  • An MRI can have side effects like dizziness, headache, fever & chills, allergic reactions, nausea, or fatigue when you receive contrast dye in your veins to ensure better clarity of the MRI images.
  • An MRI scan can be boring & frustrating because it may take much longer than usual, depending on how the images come!

Despite these, there is nothing you need to worry about! It is just your inexperience & curiosity making you feel so anxious & nervous, but there are solutions to get over this nervousness. What are they?

See now!

1. Gather as much knowledge as you can about the MRI procedure

Yes. This is your primary step to cut off nervousness. You are nervous because you are unaware & unsure of what shall happen in an MRI scan. When you learn that an MRI scan takes place on an outpatient basis within 15 to 45 minutes on average & for all this time, you will be inside the MRI tube, enabling your body protons to react to the electromagnetic energy and culminate the internal image, you can certainly be relieved! Relieved; that there is no possibility of physical harm!

You need to learn about the MRI machine and what they look like –  A donut, I must say!

You need to learn about what steps lay involved in the preparation – From dietary regulation to the prohibition of exercises, everything, one by one!

Learn about what are the benefits of an MRI scan over other imaging tests! And much more!

Leave no doubts concerning MRI before going for the test! That is your solution!

2. Be alert & Prepare for the MRI test accurately

You must know that an MRI scan brings forth certain obligations to follow before & after the test, particularly when you take sedatives or contrast material in the scanning process!


Your second task is to stay alert and follow the instructions on preparation given by your doctor! You need to make sure that you collect all medical reports in a file, wear loose & comfortable clothes, & drop all accessories & piercings in your body. You need to be careful not to apply antiperspirant sprays or deodorant.

You need to stay alert by discussing your regular medications with your doctor. The patient needs to follow what she is doing; whether to intake that as usual or delay for some hours! Remember that you need to practice meditation for a couple of days before your MRI test so that you can stay calm & composite inside the MRI machine. Remember you need to carry earmuffs or earplugs to avoid loud noise during the scan & send time by hearing some music!


Do not forget to ask someone to come to the radiology center with you!

3. Grasp a few expert tips on how to make your MRI scan easier

You need to grasp a few hacks to cut down your nervousness & convince yourself that things will be fine! Doctors from across the globe suggest various ways to derive an easy & comfortable MRI scan like –

  • Keeping your eyes closed when inside the machine,
  • Taking deep & controlled breaths,
  • Thinking about some happy memories,
  • Covering yourself with a blanket to have a secure vibe like at home, &
  • Asking questions beforehand to be further clarified.

If you can follow these tips inside the MRI scanner, your MRI scan can become easy & comfortable. Does it make you less nervous now? A little bit?

I suppose it does! It is because these tips can not only reduce your nervousness concerning an MRI scan but also help avoid claustrophobic situations, anxiety & stress during the MRI scan. Thy is proven!

Ending Note:


The moral of the story is you can reduce your nervousness about an MRI –

1) by learning about what it is, how it works, & what happens during this process,

2) by being prepared for the test & staying alert on the instructions given beforehand, and

3) by noting down & following some expert tips on how to make the MRI scan easier for oneself!

Did they work for you? For me, it did & so does for many other people.! If you have another approach to follow, comment & share about it!

For more, visit www.mrichandigarh.com!

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