Why an MRI scan?

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Why an MRI scan?

Why an MRI Scan? – Top 7 Benefits of an MRI scan!

An MRI or Magnetic Resonance Imaging Test is the diagnostic process in which magnetic fields & radio waves lay used to culminate accurate imaging of your internal body parts. People call it a necessary evil that they do not want to go through yet have to in certain circumstances, especially for an early diagnosis & early treatment!

Perhaps, your experience will be horrific if you are not aware of what it is and how it serves. The awful rough sound that emerges from the MRI machine and the semi-enclosed space inside the tube will make you feel disgusted & restless. Such an episode of 90 minutes is no wonder painful, as per my experience, I must say!


Why is it still considered a necessity; why is it considered beneficial – You must be wondering!

Allow me to guide you through. Here you can get the top 7 benefits of an MRI scan that you do not like missing out on if you have a serious health problem!

  1. An MRI scan can curate a detailed structural image

Your internal body lay comprised of many things. For an early prognosis & early treatment, your doctor shall require an accurate & detailed image of your internal organs and tissues. The best possible diagnostic here is, certainly, an MRI scan. It offers a vivid insight into your internal body and is far more efficient in early diagnosis if & when compared to a CT scan or X-Ray!

It is an advanced medical technology that incorporates strong magnets passing radio waves through your body and allowing the body’s protons to react to the energy and create a highly detailed image!

When clarity is thy primary requirement of your medical diagnosis, MRI has to be the call!

  1. An MRI scan can trace various abnormalities

From cancerous tumors to hip joint defects, disk problems in your spine to blocked blood vessels, inflammation of the tissues surrounding your heart to a brain injury, stroke, inner ear problem, heart diseases, blood vessel damage, and myriad more – MRI can indeed detect a wide variety of human physical abnormalities, disorders, & diseases!

You can even pursue a whole-body MRI once in your life to see how your internal body structures & functioning. Of course, there exist different types of MRI conducted based on the area of diagnosis. For instance, your doctor may suggest a Chest MRI in case she predicts breast cancer or tumors!

  1. An MRI scan is done on an outpatient basis

An MRI scan takes place within 15 to 30 minutes usually; in the hospital, clinic, or diagnostic center. Sometimes, the time taken may be as long as 90 minutes or so! This depends on the image accuracy acquired during the scan!

You can leave right after the test is complete, and there is no requirement of staying back at the hospital or clinic unless there is a massive injury, in which case you cannot even read this with me now!


You can book your MRI appointment flexibly, make time from your tight work schedule and go for your meeting after the test!

  1. An MRI scan involves no radiation, unlike contrary CT scan or X-Ray

Most Medical scans, like X-Ray or CT scans, involve ionizing radiation to create internal imaging of your body. But not in the case of an MRI. Yes. You got it right. MRI is one of the safest medical imaging tests today & it leaves no room for setbacks.

You are out of radiation risk. and also will be out of the possibility of cancer growth!

You shall witness no complications further; typically not the ones approaching in case of radiation, like cell damage, extreme hair loss, thyroid problems, damage in the reproductive tract, acute radiation syndrome, and so forth!

  1. An MRI scan involves no invasion

There yet lay another factor to make an MRI scan stand out over other Medical tests. Do you know what? An MRI does not involve any cuts or wear & tear in your body. It is a non-invasive process where magnetic resonance lay used!


It is safer than even a transvaginal ultrasound, where you may have the risk of ovary torsion!

No doubt,

While invasion is into involved, side effects are likely to be negligible!

Such a minor percentage of side effects take the stage only when the contrast dye is used in the MRI scan to secure greater clarity in the imaging. They are fatigue, nausea, headache, or other basic symptoms that are likely to disappear within a few hours!

  1. An MRI scan is most reliable in differentiating tissue structures

Do you know what is the most special feature of an MRI scan?


It is the precise differentiation it offers between the various tissue structures! In other words, an MRI scan can render a better contrast of your fat tissues, muscles, water, and other soft tissues.

An MRI scan constitutes four different techniques to bring about these contrasts & they are the T1 Weighted Technique, T2 Weighted Technique, Flair Technique, & Stir Technique. They are ones to highlight fat tissues, water-containing structures, adipose tissue, and muscles & cerebrospinal fluids, respectively!

  1. An MRI scan does not involve any special preparation

Above all,

An MRI scan, being the torch-bearer of a safe early diagnosis, does not require any special preparation. You can eat normally and drink normally. Sleep as much as you want, go for a bath, study, & perform all your daily chores.

All you need to be aware of is that you do not wear any jewelry or makeup before your MRI test because the presence of any metallic element may tamper with the test accuracy by interacting with the MRI magnets. If you have any kind of metallic implants, this test stands inconvenient for you, and you would require an alternative!

Summing Up:


Do you realize why it lay called a necessary evil, beneficial for disease detection?

I suppose you do! If not, feel free to write back to us, mentioning your exact doubt!

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