Why do you feel headache? Do we need to go for CT Scan?

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Why do you feel headache? Do we need to go for CT Scan?

Why do you feel a headache? Do you need to go for a CT Scan? 

A headache or acute pain in your head and face is, undoubtedly, a very common health condition we encounter in our daily lives!


There are too annoying, especially when it appears all of a sudden amidst your work or daily chores!

Sometimes, we use over-the-counter painkillers to get relief, and sometimes, we rely on time to wipe out the headache naturally!


When your headache lasts for a long, typically for more than 15 days a month, is accompanied by other health symptoms like fever, nausea, & fatigue, or drastically changed in its pattern, you need to see a doctor!

At that time,

Your doctor may or may not ask you to go for a CT scan to assess your internal body parts & locate abnormalities if any!


That depends more on the type of headache you have & what symptoms you bear precisely!

Do you know medical science categorizes headaches into two types – Primary & Secondary? Yes. While the former include migraines, tension headaches, cluster headaches, new daily persistent headaches, and many more, the latter include dehydration headaches, sinus headaches, medication-overdose headaches, spinal headaches, thunderclap headaches, and so forth!

This categorization stands framed primarily on the scope of threats to your health, further! While the former are regular ones and do not indicate or lead to a health issue, the latter lay caused by diseases or structural issues within your body and can become complicated if not diagnosed & treated early!


You must be wondering why you exactly have headaches.


There exist myriad reasons behind a headache!

Lifestyle Habits are the primary factor in playing the game from behind & causing immense head pain on multiple occasions!

It can be an effect of all these:-

  • Overthinking, stress, & anxiety!
  • Heavy exertion or work!
  • Using electronic gadgets for too long!
  • Excessive alcohol consumption, specifically red wine!
  • Excessive nicotine consumption!
  • Changes in sleep patterns or poor sleep!
  • Certain food containing nitrates, like processed meat, the salamis & sausages you enjoy the most!
  • Skipping meals at frequent intervals!
  • Immense coughing & sneezing!
  • Extensive straining during your bowel movements!
  • Continuous & vigorous laughing or crying!


Environmental factors, a few of them, can also act as a catalyst for headaches!

Do you know what they are?  It can be

  • A strong odor that arises from perfumes or household chemicals causes your headache!
  • Second-hand smoke that causes your headache!
  • Your exposure to allergies invokes the headache!

On the other note,

Secondary headache holds various underlying factors that you may have:

  • Hehydration, thereby causing headaches!
  • Sinus problem, which invokes headaches often!
  • A problem in your spinal cord and the blood flow herein that causes persistent headaches! For instance, when your spinal fluids leak, it ends up causing drastic headaches & that too for a long!
  • A life-threatening condition like seizures that shows its sign through chronic & prolonged headaches!
  • A head injury that causes your headache!
  • Internal bleeding in your brain that leaves its mark via aggressive headaches!
  • Your blood pressure may rise, causing a headache!
  • A tumor or cancer growing inside you acts as the triggering point for headaches!
  • A cardiovascular problem that causes headaches!
  • Gastritis or other digestive diseases that bring down headaches!
  • An infection or carbon monoxide poisoning in your organs that causes continuous & acute headaches!
  • A structural defect in the base of your skull that inculcates headaches!
  • A dental disorder that causes your headache!
  • Your nerve damage & nerve problems, if any, can cause headaches!
  • Strokes without getting aware of it, but it is likely to show up with symptoms like headaches!


There lay various other problems in your internal body structures & functions that play a role in causing headaches.


Your doctor may order a CT scan when they find out that your headache

  • Gets accompanied by other health conditions like fever, chills, high blood pressure, numbness in your body, muscle weakness, infections, loss of consciousness, fatigue, nausea, trouble in movements, balance issues, reflex issues, vision problems, dizziness, chest pains, and so forth!
  • Is regular and persistent for a certain period, or when you have a headache only when you get physically active!
  • Increases in frequency or changes in its intensity every now & then!
  • Occurs only on one side of your head, and nowhere else can you feel the pain!
  • A sudden chronic headache allocating a sensation of something that got burst; inside your head!
  • The pattern changed as you crossed the age of 50!
  • You already undertook a different scan for your headache, and the results were inconclusive!

Final Remarks: 


The conclusion here would be – You can have a headache due to various things. Some you can control through lifestyle changes and environmental consciousness, while for others, you cannot help but take medical assistance!

Did we fail to list any of the reasons for a headache that you know? Comment below & help us fill our knowledge gaps!

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