Why does the Patient need to go for a DTPA Kidney Scan?

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Why does the Patient need to go for a DTPA Kidney Scan?

Delve into the Answer: Why does the Patient need to go for a DTPA Kidney Scan?

You must know that your kidneys are the ones responsible for draining the liquid waste called urea from the blood as urine. Alas! Sometimes, your kidney may fail to conduct this function!

Your kidneys are responsible for maintaining a balance between the chemical in your blood, such as sodium & potassium. Alas! At some point, your kidneys may fail to do so!

You must be aware that your kidneys produce hormonal renin to regulate blood pressure. Alas! It may be a threat to your body!

Your kidneys produce another hormonal calcitriol that provides calcium to your bones! At times, it may be the case that your kidneys fell short in this production!

You must also be aware that your kidneys are in charge of producing hormonal erythropoietin, which stands essential to boost the RBCs in your body! Yet, there is a high possibility that your kidneys may fall inefficient to ensure this production!

How would you learn if they still are capable of performing their regular functions?


It is the DTPA scan that shall help a patient determine the functional defect in their kidneys with precision & dexterity!

On the other note,

Tell me,

  • Do you have a problem urinating? Or do you see blood in your urine?
  • Does your urine appear brownish?
  • Do you urinate less than you used to do normally?
  • Does your urine accompany a bad odor?
  • Do you have persistent abdominal pain?
  • Does your pain gets accompanied by fever & fatigue?
  • Do you feel drowsy all the time?
  • Having nausea or the sensation of vomiting often?
  • Do you witness dry & itchy skin?
  • Realizing that your mental sharpness has reduced drastically over the last few days or months?
  • Your mind remains foggy all the time?
  • Having a night of poor sleep every day?
  • Feeling short of breath frequently, especially when you perform the physical exercise?
  • Suffering from muscle cramps every now & then?
  • Do your face, hands, ankle, or feet look swollen?
  • Having a lower appetite these days?
  • Do you have a history of high blood pressure?
  • Do you often come across a burning sensation near your chest?

These are all signs of kidney problems. But do they not appear like a gastrointestinal or digestive problem? To me, they also appear as urinary problems. And sometimes, even cardiovascular problems!

Yes. Signs of kidney problems are unspecific & may anytime overlap with the signs & symptoms of other health abnormalities! That is a big problem indeed! Your doctor needs to trace the exact condition of your internal body in order to devise a suitable treatment!


A DTPA scan appears into the picture as a solution, or, may, we can say, a more specific solution meant to solely diagnose the structure & functions of your kidneys, not any other organ!

Wondering; What is a DTPA Kidney scan & What exactly can it diagnose?

A DTPA Kidney scan is also known as a Renal DTPA scan. It is the diagnostic process where an intravenous administration of a radiopharmaceutical material, named, diethylenetriamine pentaacetate, takes place! The main purpose is to examine the entire structure & functions of your kidneys.

During this exam, radiopharmaceutical medicine shall emit energy to produce clear images of your kidneys by pinpointing the molecular activities happening inside your body, or kidney cells, to be precise, alongside its biochemical markers. Perhaps, a blood or urine test would suffice in terms of accuracy!

Yes. DTPA test is non-invasive, and you do not have to bear any cut marks on your body! It selectively locates the disease site within the kidneys & uses gamma rays or positrons to curate the digital imaging on the computer screen.

A DTPA scan can help the doctor see –

  • The blood supply to your kidneys,
  • The passage of urine from your kidneys, and
  • The capability of each kidney to function altogether!


It can help diagnose various renal conditions like –

  • Renal artery stenosis is the condition in which the waste filtration process in your body gets damaged because of insufficient oxygen-rich blood reaching your kidneys corollary to a narrowing in the arteries bringing blood.
  • Renovascular hypertension, or the condition in which your kidneys take the initiative of producing a hormone that triggers your blood pressure to rise the bar, typically when the arteries of your kidneys shrink in performing their primary function.
  • Issues in renal tubular perfusion, the process where your body fluids indulge in circulation within your kidneys to help maintain normal urine output. Inadequate tubular perfusion can end up decreasing the glomerular filtration rate, thereby, increasing tubular resorptive mechanisms. As result, you lay vulnerable to reduced cardiac output or hypotension.
  • Tubular necrosis or renal tubular obstruction is a condition in which your ureter is likely to get blocked or interrupted because of acute trauma or some deep internal injury.
  • Presence of tumors, benign or malignant, cysts, or stones in your kidneys and their surrounding areas, and a polycystic kidney disease where many cysts grow in your kidneys, thereby, interrupting its main functions.
  • Glomerulonephritis or Inflammation in both or one of your kidneys due to infection, drug overdose, or congenital diseases.
  • Kidney failure, when less than 15% of your kidney functions lay performed as normal &  is the last stage of a Chronic Kidney Disease.
  • Abnormalities that developed after pursuing a kidney transplant.

Bottom Line:

Did you get the answer to why a patient may need to go for a DTPA Kidney scan? I hope the blog served its purpose and gave you the answers you were looking for!

If you have more queries related to the DTPA scan, do not hesitate to drop a message at www.mrichandigarh.com, or maybe just in the comments below!

you can also call us at 8699572364

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