Can anyone go with the patient to the scanner room?

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Can anyone go with the patient to the scanner room?

Explaining: Can anyone go with the patient to the scanner room? 


First & foremost,

I must say that the answer to your question is very subjective and depends on a lot of factors, like –

  • What is the age of the patient,
  • Which type of scan the patient shall undergo,
  • What are the norms of the definite healthcare centers,
  • Why do you want to go inside with the patient, and
  • What call does the radiologist take as the main supervisor of the scan?


You may or may not be allowed to go; with the patient to the scanner room!


In this regard, you must know that; while you go inside with the patient, it can be both an advantage and a disadvantage for the diagnostic test!

This blog aims to give you a vivid knowledge of those advantages & disadvantages!


You have to read till the end to decide on yours, and enact accordingly, of course, after consulting your doctor!


You must note that medical processes are serious things & may not be undertaken via self-judgments; out of the blue!

During an MRI or Magnetic Resonance Imaging Scan, you are typically allowed to enter the scanner room along with the patient & can stay throughout, especially when the patient is below the age of 18.

It is because –

  • An MRI scan does not involve any radiation dosage that may become problematic for anyone standing; throughout! In other words, there are no safety issues in case of an MRI for which the healthcare providers may stop you from entering the scanner room!
  • An MRI scan may turn suffocating & anxious for many patients, particularly those who have claustrophobia & anxiety issues. Medical experts believe that when the patient gets to see someone with them during the scan, anxiety & stress are less likely to pop up. It becomes more of an anxiety-reducing support system for the patient, perhaps!
  • An MRI scan can take too long at times if the scan looks for deeper areas and minute health problems. At that time, the patient may get panicked, and if there is someone to console and say that they are staying beside the patient to take care of, less hindrance in the way of scanning stands evident!
  • Children having MRI scans are likely to get restless & move about from one side to another. It is hard to manage a kid, indeed! That is why healthcare providers allow parents to go inside the scanner room with their kids so that the radiologist can carry on their test while the parents take care that their kids do not move or shift during the test!

Yet again,

You must note that there lay a few disadvantages if you go inside the scanner room with the patient during an MRI & they are as follows!

  • You have to bear the loud & rough noise emerging from the MRI machine for the whole time, which is certainly too annoying!
  • If you wear metallic accessories and come near the scanner, the strong magnets inside the scanner can get false signals, thus, creating inaccurate imaging!
  • If you, by chance, touch any machine or diagnostic equipment, there lay three negative possibilities that you may get hurt, the test may stand incomplete, and the test results may go wrong!
  • You can be more panicked to see the entire thing happening!


In the case of a CT Scan, X-Ray, or PET scan,

You are typically not allowed to enter the scanner room with the patient, and the test lay conducted only when the patient is alone with the healthcare providers. Do you know; why?

It is because –

  • CT scan, X-Ray, or Pet scan are the kind of diagnostic test that involves radiation, and therefore not safe for you. You can be vulnerable to complications & side effects, and if anything goes wrong, that shall be a double-trouble for the healthcare providers!
  • You can be a subject of infection, which you may not be aware of during that time! Yet, you are likely to leave the medical equipment infected. In turn, creating health issues for the next-in-line patients!
  • The healthcare providers do not intend to take a risk on the efficacy of the diagnostic test. If you touch the CT scanner or any of its parts, it might disrupt the scanning and further curate false or hazy imaging!


When you require pediatric care, you can go inside with the patient to the scanner room, but there lay a criterion of wearing a protected jacket to escape radiation exposure! For you, it is advantageous too! How?


  • You can get to see your kids in front of your eyes and ensure they are fine!
  • You can make the kids follow the instructions given by the radiologist or radiology technician and ensure the test’s accuracy.
  • Your child is likely to feel safe and remains composite during the test in your presence, as she/he can see an acquaintance by the side!
  • You can see the imaging on the computer screen & hear the discussions that take place between the radiologist who supervises the scan and the radiology technician who conducts the scan. Furthermore, you can learn what is it; that bothers your child, even before the test reports come!

In case you want to accompany an adult herein, you need special permission from the radiologist & healthcare center before going to the scanner room. The advantages lay the same, more or less.  You have to, only, make sure that you follow the infection restriction protocols and wear radiation-proof gloves & jackets before you enter!

Last Words: 


What did you decide? Would you go with the patient to the scanner room or not? Whatsoever your decision is, make sure to talk to your doctor and ensure the protocols stand followed!

Did you already have experience going with the patient to the scanner room? How was it? Share your story with us by commenting below!

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