Can MRI detect Abnormalities?

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Can MRI detect Abnormalities?

An Interesting Note: Can MRI detect Abnormalities? 

Of course, it does! An MRI detects abnormalities existing in your body & that is precisely why an MRI gets used in the field of medicine & healthcare!

Do you have an abnormal facial bone?

Do you have an abnormal joint structure in the knees?

Or, Do you have a congenital heart disease?

Is there an abnormality in the positioning of your spleen?

Is there an abnormality in the size of your kidneys?

Or is there an abnormality in the shape of your ovaries?

Whatsoever it be, an MRI can accurately detect & determine thee!


Your mind must be full of other questions – How can an MRI detect the abnormalities in your body, What kind of Abnormalities can an MRI scan detect, and so forth?

How about a quick see-through of this blog? Trust me; you will get the answers you are looking for!

A Brief on Magnetic Resonance Imaging Test –

Magnetic Resonance Imaging or MRI is a type of body scan used in medical science to see  & examine internal body structures and functions of humans. The test was invented by Paul Lauterbur in 1971. But even before that, the same theory & process was in practice in the nuclear experiments during the world wars.

Since its invention, medical experts and scientists have tried to refine the MRI technique constantly so that you can enjoy an early prognosis of any health abnormality & secure an early treatment or cure!

The process of MRI includes strong magnets

The process of MRI includes strong magnets & radio waves to develop internal body imaging. During this process, the MRI sensors invoke your body protons to realign with the magnetic field, and the sensors can detect the energy released herein. Then the radio frequency field is turned on, and these waves bouncing off the body protons send signals to the computer console; your internal body image appears on the screen!

Unlike other diagnostic tests like X-Rays or CT scans, an MRI is safe & does not have any risk or complications. It is because no radiation lay included in this process that causes health complications via a body scan.

The safety of the test also lay ensured through its non-invasive technique to examine your internal body. Yes. You will not have to go through any cuts or wear & tear; you will not have any pain!

All you have to do is keep yourself calm & controlled when inside the MRI tube so as to avoid anxiety & claustrophobia!

The inside would undoubtedly be too noisy, but remember your pursuit; you need accurate imaging of your internal body parts to defect what’s bothering you for so long. Thus, you need to anyhow bear with the bangs & clanks reaching your ear! You can use earplugs and listen to music during this time if it suits you!

The specialty of MRI: Detailed Imaging!

You got it right! An MRI scan can detect your health abnormalities with accuracy & precision because that is what it is meant to be! The technique is launched in medical science to trace health conditions that cannot be seen in an ordinary X-Ray or CT scan.

An MRI scan can show all your body parts, from head to toe, in detail. How?


There exist certain sequencing technique in an MRI scan helps differentiate between the different body tissues. Using color contrast, an MRI can show what condition your fat tissues are at and simultaneously in what condition your muscles in the body are! In certain techniques, water-containing structures are made bright, & in a few, bones are given extra highlights.

An MRI can offer a three-dimensional anatomical image, detailed out to the core! An MRI can differentiate between the grey matter & white matter in your brain, thereby detecting abnormalities like brain aneurysms or tumors.

A functional MRI can show the brain structures accurately and assess which part of your brain consumes more oxygen during a cognitive task. It can determine your neurological status & risks because of the detailing!

In fact,

An MRI may include contrast material in the process of diagnosis. This material lay efficient in enhancing the clarity of images and is used to reveal abnormalities like –

  • A narrowed blood vessel,
  • A bulged-out blood vessel,
  • A blocked blood vessel,
  • Lower blood supply to the various organs,
  • Inflammation in the tissues, bones, or organs,
  • Infections in the tissues, bones, or organs, and
  • Tumor growth!

An MRI is considered the most sensitive imaging test; the one that can easily screen & put forward your internal anomalies in front of you! Your job is to get the best treatment possible!

What Abnormalities can an MRI detect?

Before noting down the various abnormalities that an MRI can detect, let me tell you that the list is infinite & unending, and we can also talk about the most relevant ones. It is because the MRI technique is being refined more & more to detect every kind of anomaly in the human body even today!

Some of the abnormalities that an MRI scan can detect are –

  • Cancerous Growth in your organs, tissues, or bones,
  • Benign tumors & Cysts,
  • Structural Abnormalities in your joints, Injury, or Fracture,
  • Cardiovascular problems
  • Defect in the main artery, aorta, or main vein, vena cava,
  • Abnormal lymph nodes,
  • Structural abnormality in your chest bones, i.e., the Rib bone, Vertebrae, & Sternum,
  •  Internal bleeding,
  • Nerve damages,
  • Multiple Sclerosis, chronic auto-immune disease to damage the neuron sheaths in your brain & spinal cord,
  • Abnormalities in the soft tissues surrounding your heart,
  • Twisted joint or bone,
  • Damaged ligaments or tendons, and myriad more!

Bottom Line:


The bottom line is an MRI can detect & further accurately detail your internal health abnormalities, disorders, or diseases, even better than any other imaging test.

If you are looking for an efficient MRI scan to up-take, visit our website and book an MRI test from some of the NABL-certified diagnostic centers in Chandigarh.

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