Can Patient eat after an Mri Scan?

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Can Patient eat after an Mri Scan?

The Answer to one of the most Common Questions: Can patients eat after an MRI? 

The answer to the question is yes! A patient can undoubtedly eat & drink after an MRI!


There are no such restrictions to follow in terms of dietary habits after pursuing an MRI! The magnetic resonance imaging test is a safe procedure involving neither invasion nor radiation! It takes place on an outpatient basis at any hospital, clinic, or diagnostic center & entails huge MRI machines that generate detailed images of your internal body structures via magnetic fields.

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It shall take around 15 to 90 minutes depending upon the accuracy & dexterity of the images extracted therein!


You might feel hungry because of fasting for the last eight hours, but you certainly have to wait until the test stands complete!

Sometimes, you may not even have to fast before your MRI. This totally depends on what your doctor suggests! Many doctors in 2022 state that it is essential to have a healthy meal before an MRI so that you feel comfortable during the physical examination. However, if any contrast- materials stand requisite for a clear & detailed view of any particular organ, happening typically in a cardiac or brain MRI, you have no other choice but to fast!

What would you do at that time?


All you need to do is follow experts’ advice!

What do experts say about eating after an MRI?


Medical Experts & Radiologists from across the globe have laid out certain Dos & DON’Ts about eating after an MRI. They are as follows.

  • They say you need to wait for some more time after the test if you were given contrast material during the test. This is to give some time for the contrast material to get flushed out of the body system through urine or sweat! If the patient eats even under such a condition, they are likely to have nausea or the sensation of vomiting.
  • They say it is always better to ask the immediate radiologist or MRI technician, regarding the exact time to eat after the test.
  • On the other note, the experts say that you need to drink a lot of water right after the test; nearly two to three glasses! This is to clear the contrast material or sedative from your body if any!
  • Experts say that if you do not like drinking water too often, you can have some other liquids as an alternative, but not sugary drinks or alcohol, of course!
  • They say if you are regularly on your medications, consult your doctor to know whether or not to intake them after an MRI and if so when to intake them!
  • Experts say that once you are away from any possibilities of side effects like dizziness, headache, or indigestion, you can go for your regular meals. And, to avoid these side effects you must hold on to a healthy meal.

What should you eat after an MRI?

Now that you know that a healthy meal is the one advised by medical experts for eating after an MRI, you must be wondering what such a meal constitutes!


Here’s a list to guide you through!

  1. Boiled Potatoes & corn,
  2. Vegetable broth, including broccoli, cauliflower, & spinach,
  3. Beans & peas, soy products, legumes & lentils,
  4. Almonds & cashews,
  5. Seeds,
  6. Boiled Egg,
  7. Chicken Stew & Green Salad,
  8. Oats & Barley,
  9. Fruit juices, especially pear, raspberry, kiwi, grapefruit, pomegranate, & black grapes,
  10. Green tea,
  11. Avocados & olives, fat-free yogurt,
  12. Squash & Beets Salad,
  13. Green Smoothies,
  14. Hot mushroom soups,
  15. Apple Slices with Peanut Butter,
  16. Whole Grains Toasts with Almond Butter,
  17. Fresh Water Fish,
  18. Pumpkin pie,
  19. Home-made steamed Momos or Dumplings,
  20. Kale Chips & Chia Seeds Pudding, and more!

These foods are meant to restrict indigestion & improve immunity, particularly if you were given sedatives during the test!


You can also have the normal meal prepared at home with fewer spices & oil, the healthy snacks! If the pleasure center of your brain cannot satisfy through these, a bite of dark chocolate is permissible indeed!

What should you avoid eating after an MRI?


What you should not eat are mainly processed & canned food, such as –

  1. Sausages & salamis,
  2. Bacon & ham rolls,
  3. Chicken popcorn & fries,
  4. Cheese, Butter, & Gee,
  5. Paneer & Tofu,
  6. Fresh Cream,
  7. Pastries & cakes,
  8. Tinned vegetables & fruits,
  9. Slices of bread & Pasta,
  10. Syrups & Jams,
  11. Sauces & Potato Chips,
  12. Milk Chocolates, Sugar Candies, and so forth!

Apart from these, you must also avoid the spicy food from the restaurants & cafes, like –

  1. Parathas & Rolls,
  2. Biriyani & Chaaps,
  3. Kebabs,
  4. Fish & chips,
  5. Cutlets & Chops,
  6. Chowmin & Spaghettis,
  7. Pizzas & other baked food,
  8. Ice cream,
  9. Samosas & bara paos,
  10. Chicken fries, etc.


Red Meats, Salmon, and all oily Sea Foods get a big No, No! And so do Alcohols, Beers, & Wines;  Sodas & Carbonated Drinks!

You must also avoid eating street-side chats & golgappas. Always remember that consuming tamarind after an MRI that included sedatives can bring setbacks to your health condition(can also check health conditions by doing blood tests and a health checkup routine)!

Final Thoughts:

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