How Far Into MRI Machine for Knee Do You Go?

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How Far Into MRI Machine for Knee Do You Go?

Sometimes, when your doctor prescribes a nuclear imaging test like an MRI (Magnetic resonance Imaging) scan for your knees, and this is your first time, you may wonder – how far into the MRI machine for the knee you have to go, does it exactly looks as you have seen in the movies, or is it something else. How does the machine work? How can the radiologist see your internal knee structure and functions through this scan report?

Perhaps, a lot of questions fill your mind at this time, and that is why I’m here with this blog today, unraveling the interconnected questions associated with an MRI machine and an MRI scan for your knee examination. Ready to discover them?

MRI Scan For Knee Examination: A Brief!

First and foremost, it’s essential for you to know what an MRI scan is, the one examining your knee! This scan is a combined play of powerful magnetic fields and computer-generated radio waves, screening the internal body structure, herein, that of your knees, on the computer screen.

MRI scans are known to trace what an ordinary X-ray or CT scan cannot, as it can highlight and differentiate soft tissues from other masses and can; also look into the denser areas of your body, just like your brain. With regard to knee examination, this non-invasive and radiation-free imaging study looks into the – Soft tissues in your knee, the ligaments, cartilages (like the meniscus in your knees), muscles, and tendons.  As a result, healthcare professionals can detect tears, damage, and injuries. They can locate excess fluid buildup within the joints, which is, in fact, a common complication of various knee conditions.

An MRI scan of your knee can detect severe infections and inflammation too! Doctors often recommend an MRI scan for patients with rheumatoid arthritis, i.e., an auto-immune inflammatory disease affecting the joints in your body, especially your knees.  On the same note, it can help identify bone bruises in your knee, fractures, lesions, cysts, tumors, cancers, and so forth!

According to many studies, an MRI scan reserves nearly 90 to 95% accuracy in diagnosing meniscus tears. A study by Science Direct reveals that MRIs are around 95.45% accurate in tracing anterior cruciate ligament tears. That’s high, indeed!

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About The MRI Machine and How It Works?

Well, when it comes to the MRI machine in specific, you can make an idea of how it is! Yeah, like a tube, where the table with you lying over it slides into! That’s where and when the scan shall take place.

The machine is a giant.

It annoys you with a crackling, rough, and constant noise while the scan takes place.

You may even feel anxious inside the semi-circular tube, as there’s less space between the machine surface and the moveable table sliding into it!

But closing your eyes or using an eye mask, blankets, ear cuffs, and lying still; as instructed; may help reduce your apprehension and anticipation.

Back inside the machine, when you lay straights with your feet pointed, the walls have magnets attached to them which provoke your body protons to move out of their position. Meanwhile, the radio waves await to capture their movements back to their place and send immediate signals to the computer console.

That’s how comes the anatomical map of your knees, right on the screen, where the radiologist stands alert to check the image clarity and supervise the scanning!

However, it’s also salient to note that an MRI scan is typically not applicable to those with metallic body implants, like pacemakers, ear cochlear, dental fillings, aneurysms clips, metallic plates, etc. It is because the presence of metallic objects under the magnets can tamper with the test results and also; cause injury.

How Far Into MRI Machine for Knee Can You Enter?

Medical experts state that the distance one needs to enter an MRI machine for knee imaging is variable! How far into an MRI machine for the knee should you undergo depends on factors such as – The MRI machine types and your knee positioning!

Types of MRI Machines and How Far One Can Enter into It?

Yes. There are various types of MRI machines. The first is the closed bore, the traditional one, the tube-like, and the second is the advanced, open MRI machine. So the distance between your body and the MRI scanner surface is certain to vary a way; lot, as per the machine.

In the case of an open MRI scan, the machine is more like a huge; donut with an open and comfortable sitting space in between. During this scan, the place where you keep your feet, sliding the knee in the seated position, is what connects to the machine, and your doctor presses the main machine switch to initiate and see what maps on the computer screen. Different from that of a traditional MRI scan!

The traditional closed-bore machines, in turn, come in various forms! Some may have wider space than others. On top of that, some MRI machines even hold partially closed and partially open spaces.

So, how far into the MRI machine for the knee you go; differs from one case to another, based on the specific machine. There are myriads of them in 2023!

Knee Positioning During an MRI Scan for Knee: Significant!

Your knee position during an MRI scan stands significant not just; in terms of securing accurate results of the knee examination but also in determining how far into the MRI machine you go!

For a knee MRI scan, you typically have to go inside with your feet first! This time, only your lower body remains inside the tube, not your upper body or brain. In other words, when you open your eye and see the open surrounding, not the closed walls.

Herein, your knee area has to hold a correct position in the center arena of the imaging coil within the presence of magnetic fields. The radiographer and MRI technologist are likely to help you get to this position. Once you lie down and your knee is rightly aligned, you get to slide into the bore machine and pursue the scan.

Concluding Thoughts:

Now that you know how far into the MRI machine you go, and when exactly, I hope you have a safe and sound diagnosis. MRI scans are very simple and you are unlikely to have any issues.

For more queries, you can feel free to write to us at [email protected]. Also, for an MRI scan in Chandigarh, book one hassle-free from our website, and get discounted rates for flexible MRI appointment scheduling.


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