Ten Things To Know About Magnetic Resonance Imaging

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Ten Things To Know About Magnetic Resonance Imaging

Ten Things to Know about Magnetic Resonance Imaging!


Do you have a Magnetic Resonance Imaging Test or, in short, MRI, scheduled for tomorrow?

Are you looking for significant information regarding the MRI test before actually taking it?


I must say, you have come to the right place.

We are here today to discuss ten things to know about Magnetic Resonance Imaging, and below they go!

Here are Ten Things To Know About Magnetic Resonance Imaging

Ten Things To Know About Magnetic Resonance Imaging

An MRI is extremely loud

Yes. I don’t know whether your doctor has informed you about it! But an MRI scan is extremely loud and noisy. The rough noise comes from the huge MRI machine. That place where you will be moved into for the body scan!

During an MRI, you shall encounter some banging & clanking sounds similar to a jackhammer, ranging from about 82 decibels to 118 decibels! Hence, it stands essential for you to carry earmuffs or headphones while you go inside the test lab and inside the donut-like semi-enclosed tube!

You might have to wait inside the machine for longer than expected

That’s right! Although an MRI scan takes around 15 to 20 minutes, sometimes it may go as long as 90 minutes. At that time, your test shall seem like being carried out for endless hours. It depends on the type of MRI scanner used & also how the images come, whether they stand accurate or not, whether you require a scan from another angle or not; and so forth!

Make sure you prepare yourself accordingly. Go to the washroom before up-taking the test & also have a solid meal at least 6 hours before your test, of course, in consultation with your doctor! In case you think there might be a need for some snacks before the test so that you do not feel hungry for the next couple of hours, consult about that too!

You can feel anxious & anticipated in the semi-enclosed space

Since the MRI machine is semi-enclosed and does not allow enough air to pass through, you may feel anxious & anticipated, especially if you have tendencies of claustrophobia. You may experience a fear of being trapped in the dungeons. However, keep yourself calm as that is not the case. An MRI is a safe procedure and is in no way similar to a dungeon!

All you need to do is keep yourself calm, close your eyes or wear an eye mask, and think about something else, something positive. Imagine yourself being at some travel spot you desire to visit once in your life! Take a deep breath & listen to music!

Your makeup can be a problem for the test


You must be sad to hear this, but a fact is a fact!

Your make-up items contain metallic elements although in minor forms. These metallic elements can send wrong signals to the MRI magnet and tamper with the test result. I hope you do not want such a thing to happen. If not, make sure you do not apply any kind of makeup, not even deodorants or anti-perspiration sprays! Remove your nail polish for the day & forgo all kinds of sunscreens.

If you have any plans after your MRI & you want to look pretty, you can carry your makeup kit to the diagnostic center and apply it once the test stands complete, but not before you go inside the MRI machine.

You can’t help but ditch your pieces of jewelry & piercings

Perhaps, you cannot wear any kind of jewelry or piercings when you go for an MRI scan as the metallic compounds present in your jewelry or piercings may interrupt the magnetic resonance by sending false signals. Thereupon, the radio waves are likely to cultivate inaccurate or unclear images of your internal body structures!

Thus, Medical experts advise leaving all kinds of jewelry or metallic accessories at home. Even if you want to wear them, make sure to open them all before you enter the test lab.

 Don’t keep your hidden tattoos hidden from your doctor

Do you have a tattoo anywhere on your body that is usually not visible to the human eye? You, undoubtedly, need to inform your doctor about it before undertaking an MRI scan. Are you thinking, why? It is because if you are given contrast dye during the MRI to extract a clearer image, the reaction of the dye on your tattoos can be harmful. You may have burns or skin irritation after the test.

In order to avoid all such setbacks, keep your doctor informed about your tattoos!

You do not need to worry about radiation

An MRI scan takes place in the presence of strong magnetic fields & radio waves. However, no ionizing radiation lay involved in this test, unlike a CT scan or X-Ray. Thus, you do not have to worry about the risk factors associated with such body scans. You have no risk of developing cancerous cells through an MRI test, nor do you have any further complications of radiation.

You might experience a few side effects like nausea, headache or body ache, and fatigue after your MRI scan, but that is likely to disappear on its own! So, Relax!

You can always opt for a wide-bore MRI

If you think staying in that semi-enclosed tube would be difficult for you, you can also ask your doctor to recommend an alternative & that is none other than the wide-bore MRI. It is an MRI machine where you can move or shift around without any problem. In fact, the process of wide-bore MRI consumes less time than the traditional ones!

Don’t you think it is a better option?

You must let your doctor know about the medications you intake daily

Do you have daily medications to take – Maybe for an overactive thyroid, asthma, or digestion problems?

You have to consult with your doctor whether you can intake them on the day of the test as you do regularly. Sometimes, if your MRI scan involves contrast materials and you intake a medication without informing your doctor & radiologist, the repercussions can be heavy, indeed!

Your MRI may take place twice

Alas! If you move while the MRI scan is on and the image goes blurry, you have to take another round of MRI scans. The entire process shall begin from the first, and you shall require more time to come out of the test lab and leave for your office or home.

Do you intend to do so? If not, make sure you follow the instructions given during the scan and do not move about even if you feel restless. Try to control your sensation & stay composite!

Last words:

we have discussed “Ten Things To Know About Magnetic Resonance Imaging”

Were you able to gather some ideas about how to approach an MRI scan that you have scheduled already?

I hope the blog served your purpose and that you can now aim to derive accurate MRI imaging!

No matter how your test goes, share your experience with us at www.mrichandigarh.com and let us know if these tips worked!

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