Will a doctor call if an MRI is bad?

What Happens After an MRI?

After an MRI scan, doctors review the images to check for any health issues.

Checking Your MRI Results

The doctor looks closely at the MRI pictures to find anything unusual.

When Will You Know?

Usually, it takes a few days to get your MRI results.

Who Tells You the Results?

Either your doctor will call you, or you'll discuss the results at your next visit.

If something concerning is found, your doctor will contact you to talk about it.

What if There's a Problem?

Doctors can call, send a message, or ask you to come in for a meeting.

How Do Doctors Reach Out?

Is It Always Bad News?

Not all calls from your doctor mean bad news; sometimes they just need more info.

What Happens in a Call?

Your doctor will explain the MRI findings and what they mean for you.

If your MRI is normal, your doctor will often share good news at your next appointment.