What happens when you go inside the machine for an MRI?

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What happens when you go inside the machine for an MRI?

also What happens when you go inside the machine for an MRI?


I am here to share with you my experience having an MRI or Magnetic Resonance Imaging Scan! I shall tell you what happens when you go inside the machine for an MRI! 

Three years back,

During the Pre-Covid period, 

I went for a cardiac MRI! My doctor predicted an enormous amount of fat surrounding my heart & I was having chest pain quite often & problems in breathing. I was overweight & could not sacrifice the delicious munchies & snacks available in my city! 

My doctor did not give me any clear insight on how the MRI test would be! Naturally, I was worried. Although Google served me with some knowledge on how to prepare for an MRI & what happens during an MRI, a first-hand experience is worth noting!  Could recall it even today by me! 

I was fasting for six hours before the MRI test as was instructed by my doctor; I got ready in my loose clothes, collected all medical reports in one file, took a handbag, a large one indeed, and started packing a water bottle, wallet, and house keys in it! 

You know, I am the kind of person who cannot go out without using antiperspirant sprays or some perfume. It has become a habit of mine! But, Alas! I could not apply it that day, hearing about the metallic content it may contain on a YouTube video! 

My friend, my philosopher, my guide, Miss X (at least that is what I would prefer to call her here), was waiting for me downstairs in the car. I rushed to her and got the seat. No wonder I was nervous because I knew the process would be lengthy & I have to bear with the loud noise & suffocating ambiance! I do not have claustrophobia, but when I read about the problems a claustrophobic patient can go through inside an MRI scanner, I was anxious & anticipated! 

I was trying to listen to music & meditate in a moving car! Yes. I was so stressed! 



When I reached the Diagnostic Center, it was 11:35 am on my watch, the day was cloudy & humid, and I was somehow able to gather the strength & courage to face what was coming! Many people on the internet say that an MRI is a necessary evil. I remembered that! I knew this MRI was very important for my health checkup & I anyhow have to ensure an accurate image! 

I’ve stepped in and inquired in the reception about where to go next and what the proceeding was! The Receptionist gave me a form to fill up, and later, when that was complete, I was taken to the test lab. It was a centralized AC hall full of state-of-the-art equipment. I could see the moveable bed lying in front of a large & long tube-like machine somewhat resembling a donut. It was Semi-enclosed! 

Lay n Relax

The radiologist asked me to lie down on the bed & relax! I did so! Then, the radiologist asked me whether I was ready to go inside the tube. I said yes! Meanwhile, I was in a weird state of mind. I was curious; also scared, and I wanted to keep my eyes open and see how they appear in that space, yet I wanted to keep my eye closed & divert my mind to something else. I had mixed feelings. 

To avoid anxiety from setting in, 

  • I took deep & controlled breaths, 
  • I kept my eyes closed & covered myself without a blanket, and 


Inside MRI Machine

I was inside the MRI machine! I could hear the loud noise. It was like a jackhammer, I must say! Bangs & Clanks, consequently, & rough to the core! The sound was around 82 to 118 decibels and too frustrating, indeed! 

I had a fancy ear cuff & I wore it to avoid the noise, but in vain! The fanciness spoke for it all! I could hear the sound clearly & it left me with irritation for long after the test. I felt irritated & even shouted at my mom after I came home, and she never fails to remind me of it while counting my mistakes, even today! 

During this time, I knew that the strong magnetic fields would be trying to activate my body’s protons so as to react to the electromagnetic energy and send signals. The radio waves received these signals and screened my internal cardiac image on the computer screen. The radiologist was watching the imaging! 

Another Angle

Doctor asked to shift to another position so that they may scan my body from another angle. I did so! By this time, I was comfortable inside the tube & I had no anxiety or anticipation. Except for – I was too impatient as the test was taking longer than expected, and I had a meeting scheduled after it! 

My Doctor asked me to close my eyes as opened eyes retain the possibility of damaging my optic nerves. Repeatedly asked whether any burning sensation comes by! But I did not feel anything like that, to be honest. No wonder th