What you should not do after an MRI?

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What you should not do after an MRI?

Discover: What you should not do after an MRI?

An MRI is no pass time unless you are too interested in lying in tubes! Can’t relate!

But, unfortunately, it is a necessary evil. The one we need to pursue at times, but whenever we hear of undergoing an MRI, our hands shake with fear, our palms get sweaty, and our minds get filled with anticipation & anxiousness!

It is significant for an early & accurate diagnosis but is costly!

It is requisite to determine the success of treatment, but it may sometimes take even more than 90 minutes, especially if it is a full-body MRI!

Yes. Necessary & Evil, Indeed!

MRI, which stands for Magnetic Resonance Imaging, is a test where you shall be moved inside a machine; the MRI machine generates magnetic fields & radio waves to extract a detailed image of your internal body structures!

Too noisy, I must say! And, sometimes, you may feel suffocated while you lay inside the tube!


The process is painless & safe. No radiation, No risk at all!

Yet again,

Sometimes, you may be given contrast dye to derive much more clarity in the image of your internal structures; sometimes, sedatives as well! That is when you have certain side effects which are likely to go away on their own, but to prevent them from taking the stage, you ought to follow some instructions.


There are no such restrictions on the other end to follow after an MRI. You can resume your normal activities. The test happens on an outpatient basis. However, doctors, on introspecting your health condition, may suggest to you – What you should not do after an MRI; and you must abide by that!

Are you wondering what your doctor may suggest? Why not have a look?

Suggestion 1

You should not go home alone or wherever you are going; after an MRI scan. You need someone with you for the time so that you can get support in case you feel dizzy or have pain in your ears, a headache from the noise, or anything else.

Suggestion 2

You should not keep yourself dehydrated after an MRI scan, particularly if you were given the contrast dye. Always remember that the dye is inside you, and you need to flush it out. Drinking water is the only solution; an effective Solution!

Suggestion 3

You should not take any medication after an MRI without the approval of your doctor, especially if you are given sedatives or contrast dye. Not just the over-the-counter painkillers I am talking about; that is, of course, problematic, but also for any medications you have, maybe for your overactive thyroid or some other problem! You must always consult with your doctor!

Suggestion 4

You should not eat for some hours after the MRI scan when you are given a contrast dye or sedatives for the test. It is because the dye can be harmful when it stays for a long inside the body, bringing down numerous side effects. And your job is to let that exit; eating will only dilute it with other body fluids and create an indigestion problem & sometimes even abdomen pain.

What you need to do is follow the time & amount of food to eat mentioned by the healthcare providers!

Suggestion 5

You should not do heavy exercise or operate heavy machinery after an MRI if you had sedatives. You would be tired & dizzy anyway! A heavy movement may create a new health problem now, even if your MRI reports come all-normal. The risk of an accident is no less!

Suggestion 6

You should not drink alcohol or caffeine after an MRI if you had sedatives or were injected with the contrast material. Alcohol is likely to make your body burn more dehydrated, refraining the contrast material to leave the body, and simultaneously, refraining your immunity from breaking through the dungeons of fatigue & nausea! I don’t think you would like that!

Suggestion 7

You should not take too much stress about the test result after your MRI scan and serve another negative impact to appear. Anxiety is, in no way, beneficial when you are already fatigued after having such an awful experience! It can bring headaches and disturb your sleep for the night.

Suggestion 8

You should not smoke for the next 30 minutes after your MRI scan is complete! It is always an advisory, though; to not smoke for at least a day and minimize the possibility of side effects, certainly when you had sedatives or contrast material during the test.

Suggestion 9

Although not mandatory, doctors also say that you should not eat spicy & oily food after an MRI scan or otherwise, more when you had sedatives. They say you should not eat processed food too, those Sausages with sauces, bacon salamis & hamburgers. No. You shouldn’t! It is because such food can cause indigestion & enhance the side effects that were likely to disappear within a few hours, that too on its own!

Suggestion 10

You should not lie about your side effects to the doctor, nor should you hide something, no matter how bad it felt Your discussion with your doctor about your MRI experience alongside the MRI reports shall help you secure appropriate treatment for whatever the disease be! But, when you lie or hide anything from your doctor regarding the MRI session, you must remember that the treatment may not have 100% success!

Final Thoughts:

Did you already have your MRI scan? Or are you looking for one? Whatsoever it be, make sure you learn about the Dos & DON’Ts before up-taking the MRI test. There is nothing special you need to do, though, after an MRI. But, as already discussed, some side effects of sedatives & contrast dye may become a risk factor!

You need to nip it all in its bud, and hence, be aware & complied with the schedule your doctor provides!

For more queries, email us at [email protected]. Or, you can simply leave us a message at www.mrichandigarh.com.

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