Why Do Doctors Ask For MRI Of Any Part Of The Body Anyway?

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Why Do Doctors Ask For MRI Of Any Part Of The Body Anyway?

We have all been asked to go have an MRI at some point, but why exactly do doctors request them in the first place? You might be surprised to find out.

Why do doctors often request MRI scans?

Doctors request an MRI of any part of their patients’ bodies whenever they have concerns. There are many times when this is necessary. It could be when they suspect cancer, if there is unknown pain felt in the pelvic area, or if there is loss of vision in one eye.

Magnetic Resonance Imaging and its uses

Magnetic resonance imaging allows doctors to use magnetic fields and radio waves to create an image of certain objects in the body. This can be helpful when you have a health concern, such as if your doctor wants to see if there’s an organ or area of the body that may require surgery. It is also used during pregnancy to view different areas that they might be concerned with, such as fetal development, anatomy parts of the body, or anomalies.

What else could a doctor find during an MRI scan?

Most doctors will perform an MRI scan to help diagnose a patient’s symptoms. MRI scans can provide doctors with insight into potential or actual conditions in the body. For example, one doctor might want to know what is going on inside the brain of a patient who is experiencing seizures due to Alzheimer’s disease.

The toll that electromagnetic waves have on patients

Doctors usually ask for an MRI of a patient’s body when they suspect that their pain may be caused by certain conditions. These conditions include cancer, a herniated disc, and nerve compression. All high frequency radiation is bad and should be avoided when possible to protect the health of the individual and those around them.

Treating strokes

Some studies have found that treatments for strokes have become much more successful since the introduction of new technology, such as MRI. Many doctors now recommend treating strokes with an MRI scan instead of surgery. MRIs are also better for new cases because they allow smaller parts of the stroke to be removed from patients in a single session, which speeds up healing.

3 Questions to Ask When Deciding If An MRI Is Right For You

With the right questions and some thoughtful researching, you can feel confident in knowing exactly what to expect during your MRI. When it comes to decision-making in this case, there are several factors that doctors need to consider when deciding on a course of action for a patient such as whether an MRI is worth the risk. For further research, be sure to check out our 3 Questions To Ask When Deciding If An MRI Is Right For You

Reasons Behind Doctor’s Requests

When people think of magnetic resonance imaging, they usually think of it as the perfect diagnostic method. But today, MRI scans are starting to bear a high cost. Cost is a significant factor people should consider when deciding if an MRI will be right for you. People need to figure out essential reasons behind why doctors want them to have an MRI scan and find ways in which they can offer it themselves first before relying on someone else.

What Does This MRI Exam Do?

Not all exams are created equal. For example, some MRIs may detect a patient’s risk for cancer, while others could be used to identify areas of brain injury due to concussions. Before you schedule an MRI, talk to your doctor about how this exam can help you.

What Causes An MRI To be Abnormal?

Magnetic resonance imaging, or MRI for short, is a very common diagnostic method used for many different processes. Before you decide whether or not an MRI is appropriate for your condition, think about the specific cause of your symptoms. If it is not clear what caused your issues in the first place, you will have a difficult time recognizing if an MRI would be beneficial or not. These questions can help you decide if an MRI is right for you: 1) What are my general symptoms? 2) Could anything have caused this prematurely? 3) Would this process better suit other types of diagnostic methods?

Alternative Diagnostics

If you get an MRI, you should ask three questions before having it done. What will happen if I miss my appointments? Will it make me go blind? And is there something else that can help me solve this problem? An MRI is the best way to get the answers you want out of your pain, but there are alternatives that can do just as well, so don’t waste your time going through all the procedures if they aren’t necessary.


At MRI Radiologists, we are dedicated doctors who are eager to help our patients. When we have a chance, we like to ask our patients “3 questions” before they undergo any type of scan or image enhancement procedure. It is important for us to inquire if their impression is indeed accurate and include the details so that it may be judged properly. If they leave out a detail, maybe not intentionally, sometimes we can make a correction. With this in mind, the most important question is: what pain relief options did they discuss with the doctor? Sometimes images can lead to great progress for peoples’ ailments, but sometimes these images can be misleading as well.

It’s pretty common for doctors to ask patients if they know they have an MRI. Most people are surprised because they never knew a doctor would ask them about coming in for one, but unfortunately, some injured people will show up with injuries from a misaligned car accident, which is why doctors have been so adamant about protecting patients. Due to safety issues mostly related to radiation, today many more doctors are asking for concordance between a patient’s symptoms and the MRI that can be performed by computer rather than going through the strenuous process of getting images for the better part of an hour. This will also keep radiation exposure much less than in the past.

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