Why Do Doctors Ask For MRI Of Any Part Of The Body Anyway?

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Why Do Doctors Ask For MRI Of Any Part Of The Body Anyway?

Why do doctors ask for an MRI of any part of the body anyway?

Your doctors ask for an MRI scan because they are concerned about your internal health!

Usually, doctors ask for an MRI scan because they predict an abnormality hiding behind your flesh & skin, and they want to know what it is!

Your doctors ask for an MRI scan, as they want to confirm that your symptoms are throwing the right indication!

Your doctors ask for an MRI scan because they want to render an accurate treatment of the disorder or disease you have!

Yes. Your doctors ask for an MRI of any part of the body from head to toe for a reason! No doctor shall ask you to undertake an MRI for fun!


An MRI or Magnetic Resonance Imaging Test is one that entails strong magnets & radiofrequency waves to produce a three-dimensional detailed anatomical image of your internal body structures & functions.

Although an MRI is safe & devoid of further risks or complications, the process is too frustrating & uncomfortable at times. That’s right! You shall be moved into a semi-closed suffocating tube where you have to lie still in one posture for a long unless instructed otherwise. Meanwhile, the continuous rough & creaking noise coming from the machine shall reach your ears & disgust you to the core!

Now, you tell me, when your doctors already know that the process of MRI is tiresome & troubling, why would they ask you to undergo it if not necessary?

MRI Scan: A Necessary Evil to assess your internal body structures & detect Abnormalities & Diseases!

An MRI stands necessary to trace and detect disorders & diseases in human beings, especially for problems in soft tissues. Be it an illness or damage to any of your body parts, an abnormal cell growth, or a structural defect in the bones – An MRI can trace it all!

An MRI is a procedure that can show any of your organs, bones, or tissues. It can also help assess the blood flow to a specific organ or tissue. Do you want to know what exactly can an MRI detect?


The list would be unending, but let me give you an insight into the relevant ones! An MRI can show –

  • Cancer, Tumors, or Cysts,
  • Stones in Various Organs,
  • Inflammations & Injuries,
  • Internal bleeding,
  • Organ Damage or Cell damage,
  • Structural Defects,
  • Birth Defects,
  • Blockages in the blood vessels,
  • Harm brought by Stroke or Heart Attack,
  • Eye or Inner ear problems,
  • Bone diseases or fractures,
  • White matter disease,
  • Other problems in your brain, like dementia, a condition in which all cognitive abilities shrink,
  • Spinal Cord problems, and so forth!

In fact, an MRI has other pursuits beyond disease diagnosis, and they are as follows!

  • An MRI is used for a routine checkup of an unborn baby.
  • An MRI is used to plan treatments for various diseases.
  • MRI Scans are used to check & monitor your bodily response to a cancer treatment like chemotherapy or radiation therapy.
  • MRI is used to treat conditions like Stroke.
  • An MRI is used to guide an anatomical partially invasive or completely-invasive surgery.

Can you believe – One clinical method serves in so many ways? I could not when I first read about it!

Why do doctors prefer MRI over other imaging tests?


Doctors hold expertise in conducting & examining the report of all diagnostic programs, but an MRI is recommended more frequently due to myriads of reasons. Indeed, an MRI stands out over other imaging tests in various ways. How? Do you want to find out?

  • An MRI is the safest diagnostic modality in medical science today! It only includes magnetic resonance & radiofrequency waves. No ionizing radiation lay involved in this process, unlike a CT scan, PET scan, or an X-Ray! So, the possibility of risks or complications stands at nil.
  • MRI  Scans are a non-invasive procedure & are conducted on an outpatient basis. That is why you do not need any special preparation for this test or a hospital stay. You can pursue an MRI amidst your rigid work schedule, and there shall be no scope of wear & tear in your body.
  • These MRI  scans are popular for their clarity in imaging. You got it right. No other body scan can provide as clear & vivid imaging as an MRI scan. The picture plates would be too detailed, differentiating the diverse body tissues accurately.
  • The contrast agent that lay used in the process of MRI sometimes for ensuring a better clarity of the location, size, and shape of cancerous growth, is less likely to leave any allergic reactions.

Why may your doctor not recommend you an MRI scan?

Sometimes, it may be the case that your doctor is recommending some other test over MRI despite knowing that an MRI is the safest modality in medical testing. Are you wondering why so?


You must remember an MRI scan, like any other, has a certain obligation.


That is metals! When metals are kept in the presence of the strong MRI magnet, they tend to send magnetic signals to the machine & interrupt the processing of scanning; thereupon, tampering with the test accuracy.

On the other note, metals in the presence of an MRI magnet can fly off from its location & injure someone present in the room because of the drastic force from the scanner. Metallic coils can burn from the heat & current and cause damage to the people present inside the test lab!

This is why metals are not allowed during an MRI scan, and your doctor when not recommend an MRI when they come to know that you have a metallic implant in your body, such as –

  • A pacemaker,
  • A cardiac defibrillator,
  • A metal disc or plate in your spine or other joints,
  • Metallic dental fillings,
  • Cochlear ear implant,
  • Metallic coils installed in your blood vessels,
  • Metallic clips attached to the nerves,
  • Intrauterine devices or something else!

Beware! If you have any of the above, make sure you consult the doctor and get an alternative test instead of an MRI.

Bottom Line:

Now that you know why doctors ask for an MRI scan, what benefits it holds, and when your doctor does not recommend an MRI, you can go ahead and look out for the best MRI scan in town!

For a better insight into the best MRI scans in Chandigarh, go to www.mrichandigarh.com.

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