Can you get a full body MRI?

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Can you get a full body MRI?

Note: Can you get a Full-body MRI? 

Why not?

An MRI or Magnetic Resonance Imaging Test offers detailed images of your internal body structures and functions from head to toe! It is the process in which strong magnetic fields and radio waves lay used to curate the image on the computer screen.


You can certainly have a full-body MRI test and see if there is any underlying abnormality, disorders, or diseases that did not leave a sign yet.


You have to consult with your doctor once before up-taking an MRI test. It is because an MRI test requires certain instructions to be followed & is not permissible to all!

Did not understand? Let me tell you!

An MRI scan is not Permissible for Those having Metallic Implants!


Metallic implants have become popular and relevant these days in the field of medicine. Many of us try to cure our health condition by using an alternative metallic solution; sometimes for your joints, and sometimes for your nerves in the brain; sometimes, for your spinal cord & sometimes for your teeth!

Tell me, do you have –

  • A metallic dental filling?
  • A pacemaker?
  • A metallic disc in your spine?
  • A metallic plate in your knee joint?
  • A cochlear ear implant?
  • A metal coil placed in one of your blood vessels?
  • A cardiac defibrillator?
  • Metallic clips to treat brain aneurysms?
  • Medication pump, metallic pins, or other metallic implants?

If so, you cannot pursue a full-body MRI. Ask your doctor for an alternative!

What can become a problem for a full-body MRI scan?

Metals they are! They can become a problem for your MRI. It is because they –

  • Can interact with the strong MRI magnets and tamper with the image accuracy,
  • Could cause physical injury by ripping out through soft surfaces due to the force from the scanner, and
  • Can cause induced currents & get heated up, leading to burns.

I believe you do not want any such mishap to occur! You do not seek any physical harm. You do not want to take the test twice! Then, remember that the nail polish you wore can contain metallic contents, and you need to remove them before going for your MRI. The eyeshadow, highlighter, face powder, & toner you wear can constitute metal compounds, and you have to drop wearing them for a day. The deodorant you apply before leaving your home is also problematic in this regard & so are your ear & nose piercings; you need to leave them at home. Avoid junk jewelry for a day, as it may also have metallic contents!

On the other note,  for Indigestion

Indigestion can be a problem! You must consult your doctor regarding what to eat before an MRI test & when to eat!

Usually, doctors suggest fasting for about two to three hours, but sometimes, depending on the type of test you uptake, they may suggest six hours of fasting. You shall have to drink a lot of clear liquid, that lay mandatory for your hydration & immunity.

By mistake, if you eat something oily & spicy or eat food that causes more indigestion like –

  • Pasta & Pizzas,
  • Sauces & Syrups,
  • Red meats & processed food,
  • Excess cheese, ghee, butter, & milk,
  • Sugary juices, and so forth, before your MRI test,

You are likely to face discomfort when you lay inside the scanner for the imaging!

If you do not want such sudden abdominal pain or discomfort to come up amidst your MRI scan, you have to eat a healthy meal. Get a diet chart from your doctor, if possible!

Exploring the Benefits of Full-body MRI scan!

  1. The first benefit is that a full-body scan takes longer time in other imaging tests, whereas a full-body MRI is time efficient. It takes 50 to 60 minutes to undertake a full-body MRI scan!
  2. The second benefit is, of course, the safety it offers. There is no involvement of radiation or invasion, not even partially like a transvaginal ultrasound, yet you can get a detailed image of your whole body structure.

    Stark distinction

  3. The third benefit is the stark distinction between the different types of tissues in the imaging. A full-body MRI scan can show you the fat tissues & muscles, cartilage & bones separately via color contrast. It is highly reliable!
  4. The fourth benefit of a full-body MRI is its extreme efficiency in the stage detection of your disease. In other words, you can acquire a better prognosis if & when caught with life-threatening diseases!
  5. The fifth benefit of a full-body MRI scan it’s effectivity as a follow-up tool. A whole-body MRI can be performed twice, once before your therapy or surgery and the other after they are complete, or maybe to check the progress of your medicinal treatment. Alas! A whole-body CT scan is not doable as a follow-up tool because of its vulnerability to radiation.

Which organs does a Full-body MRI scan cover?

A Full- Body MRI covers everything from head to toe –

  • Your Brain & Skull Bones,
  • Brain masses,
  • Sinuses,
  • Facial bone,
  • Nasal Cavities,
  • Inner ears & eyes,
  • Blood vessels; the aorta & vena cava,
  • Spinal Cord & Neck,
  • Arms & Hand muscles,
  • Heart, Heart Valves, & Surrounding tissues,
  • Breast, Chest Muscles, & Chest Bones,
  • Pancreas,
  • Spleen, Stomach,
  • Liver & Bile Ducts,
  • Kidneys & Bladder,
  • Intestines,
  • Abdominal muscles, fats & tissues,
  • Pelvic muscle floors,
  • Uterus (in women),
  • Ovaries (in women), and
  • Prostates (in men)!

All your internal abnormalities, defects, disorders & diseases shall stand visible in the imaging. Thorough imaging!

Concluding Thoughts:

By now, you must have understood that you can freely avail yourself of a full-body MRI. In fact, you can get it without any prior doctor’s referral as the test does not involve radiation and is safer than all other imaging tests.

However, you must always talk to your family doctor once or call the radiology center straightaway to ask for the preparations. That is certainly crucial!

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