Is a PET Scan for Cancer Painful?

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Is a PET Scan for Cancer Painful?

Is a PET Scan for Cancer Painful?

Cancer patients often have to undergo a painful and uncomfortable journey in order to diagnose and treat their condition. In this article, we take a closer look at the procedure of PET scan for cancer, and how it’s used to detect and monitor the progression of the disease. Read on to find out about the discomfort associated with this process, and if there are any ways to alleviate it.

What Is a PET Scan?

A PET scan is a test that uses special cameras and a radioactive sugar solution to help find cancer cells in the body. The sugar solution contains a small amount of radioactive material, which is injected into your vein. The camera takes pictures of the inside of your body as the sugar solution travels through it. The PET scan can show how well cancer treatments are working, if the cancer has spread, and if the cancer has come back after treatment.

A PET scan usually takes about 2 hours. During this time, you will lie on a table while the camera takes pictures. You may be asked to hold your breath for short periods of time so that the pictures are clear.

How Does a PET Scan Work?

A PET scan is a nuclear medicine imaging test that shows how well your tissues and organs are functioning. A small amount of radioactive sugar is injected into your vein, and the PET scanner tracks the movement of the sugar through your body. areas of high sugar metabolism show up as bright spots on the image.

The test is usually done to check for cancer, but it can also be used to diagnose other conditions. PET scans are often combined with CT scans to give a more complete picture of what’s going on in your body.

The procedure itself is painless, but you may feel some discomfort from lying still on the table for up to an hour.

What Are the Benefits of a PET Scan when Diagnosing Cancer?

A PET scan can provide important information about the cancer, including its location, size, and whether it has spread. This information can help the doctor plan the best treatment for you.

What Is the Procedure Like?

Before the PET scan, you will be asked to fast for at least 4 hours. You will also be asked to drink a glucose drink. This helps to produce images that are clear and easy to interpret.

The PET scan itself is painless. You will lie on a table and a small needle will be inserted into your vein. A small amount of radioactive material will be injected into your vein and you will be asked to lie still for about 30 minutes while the scanner takes pictures.

After the procedure, you can return to your normal activities. The radioactive material in your body will quickly break down and be eliminated through your urine.

Does It Hurt During or After the Procedure?

The PET scan itself is not painful, and you should feel no discomfort during the procedure. However, you may feel some discomfort after the procedure if you have to stay in the hospital for treatment.

Are There Any Side Effects from a PET Scan for Cancer Pain?

A PET scan for cancer pain is a non-invasive test that uses nuclear medicine to produce images of the body. This type of scan is often used to diagnose cancer and to determine the stage of the disease.

There are no known side effects from a PET scan for cancer pain. However, as with any medical procedure, there is always a small risk of complications. The most common complication from a PET scan is false positive results, which means that the scan shows an abnormality when there is none.


A PET scan can be an invaluable tool in helping to diagnose and treat cancer – however, many people are concerned about the discomfort associated with these scans. While there is some minimal pain involved in a PET scan, it’s important to remember that this procedure is relatively quick, typically lasting only 15-30 minutes. Further, because the radiation exposure is so low during these scans as compared to other diagnostic imaging procedures such as CT Scans or X-Rays, no long-term effects from a PET Scan are expected. Ultimately you should speak with your doctor if you have any reservations or concerns about getting a PET Scan for cancer pain management needs.

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