Why Do I feel weird after an MRI Scan?

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Why Do I feel weird after an MRI Scan?

Why do I feel Weird after an MRI Scan? – Discover the Top 5 Reasons! 

Everyone who undergoes an MRI scan feels weird after having it, and there may be various reasons behind such a woozy feeling.

Sometimes, it may be a physical culprit, and sometimes just your psychological being after those long hours of lying down in a still position!

Sometimes, the weirdness comes as a response to your first-time experience of having an MRI, and sometimes, the weird sensation can be a response to sedatives.

Indeed, there is no fixed reason behind your weird sensation after an MRI, and vary from person to person depending upon what kind of experience you had during the scan!

In this blog, we shall explore the top 5 reasons why you feel weird after an MRI scan, and here they go!

The Loud Noise Coming from the MRI Machine

Although your doctor will not tell you this often, I must say an MRI scan is incredibly loud. When you lay inside the MRI machine all the time, you would encounter a rough noise emerging from the machine. Why & How?


When the scanner is on & current passes through, the coils existing within the MRI machine expand, causing the loud noise. It resembles the sound of a jackhammer – with consecutive bangs & clanks!

No wonder the sound is not pleasing to human ears and may cause irritation even after the MRI test stands complete.


The intensity of the sound, at times, is as high as 130 decibels. Thus, it may be the reason you feel weird after your MRI scan. It is like you cannot get over those industrial creaking noises, and every time you have a flashback of it, you feel weird!

The Staycation of 90 minutes inside the Semi-enclosed Tube

Another reason for you to feel weird after an MRI scan may be the long staycation you had inside the MRI machine!

Even though an MRI typically takes 15 to 20 minutes on average, sometimes, depending on the imaging, you may have to spend a long time therein, somewhat around 90 minutes or so! For all this while, you have to bear with the claustrophobic ambiance!

That’s right!

The MRI machine is narrow & long, semi-closed like a donut, and barely leaves an area to get fresh air! It is hot & sweaty inside the machine, and the loud noise over it makes it appear no less than a dark dungeon.


You have to stay awake & stay alert, stay still in one position, and follow instructions on when to shift or move to another position! Tiring, indeed! Anxiety & stress, anticipation & apprehension, and a fear of being trapped may arise during this time & stay even after the test is over.


Even if you are not someone who usually has claustrophobic tendencies, you may feel weird after having the hectic MRI scan!

The After-effects of Contrast Dye & Sedatives

Sometimes, to bring greater clarity to the imaging, you may be given contrast dye during the MRI scan.


Sometimes, in order to avoid claustrophobia inside the MRI machine, you may be given sedatives while having the test.

For either of the cases, there is a possibility of side effects. That may be the reason for your uneasiness or weirdness after taking the MRI scan. You may feel dizzy, you may feel fatigued & tired, and you may have nausea, headache, body ache, fever, and chills. You may also have allergic reactions, redness in the area of intervention, sore throat, etc.

The weirdness is like a red alert here, signaling that you may have to prepare yourself to get over the side effects which are approaching in some time; Are you ready for it?

Long Hours of Fasting Before the MRI Scan

Did your doctor ask you to fast for six hours before up-taking an MRI scan? Are you strictly abiding by her instructions?


It may be another reason you feel weird after having the MRI scan, and it indicates that you need to eat something to feel better & easy!

Such a thing is common in any pathological test where you have to fast for many hours because you do not want the test accuracy to go sacrificed even a bit. There is nothing wrong with you! When you are recommended to follow something that can give you an accurate report of your present health condition, you ought not to go the other way.


While pursuing such an exhausting test for a long, you must have felt hungry. Hunger always makes us feel weird & uneasy, no doubt!

A Long Wait for Releasing your Pee

Alas! Even if you are someone who cannot control your pee for a greater span, you have to do so when inside the MRI scanner. Yet, you have to drink a lot of clear liquids before the MRI scan as a part of your preparation!

Thy is a great problem! Neither can you avoid drinking too many fluids before the test, nor can you stop the test in between and go to the washroom. You shall have no choice but to wait! It can be a reason for you to feel weird after your MRI scan.

In fact, many a time, holding pee for long cause discomfort in the abdomen, and even after you flush the urine out, the discomfort may remain.

Which one is it for you?

Why do I feel drained after an MRI without contrast?

Feeling drained after an MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) without contrast is not a typical or direct effect of the procedure itself. An MRI is a non-invasive imaging technique that uses powerful magnets and radio waves to generate detailed images of the body’s internal structures.

Bottom Line:


Are you still here, reading the blog? Then, I must say that here we wrap up for today. The bottom line of this blog is you may feel weird after having an MRI scan because of multiple reasons, and you have to identify which among the many is the catalyst in your case!

If there is any reason you find is mentioned in this blog, comment below & educate us about it! We shall be obliged!

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Billie Jean
Billie Jean
4 months ago

I felt in pain bc I was there for a scan of the thoracic portion of my back (no contrast), has to take a sedative, but lying flat on my back created pain in my spinal joints and hips for the rest of the day. Ouch! And I don’t see this mentioned anywhere I look online. It’s a real thing. I don’t sleep on my back for a reason! It hurts.

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